Attention ABBA fans: if you've never seen it, this is cute

I confess: I have a major weakness for ABBA music. I’ve always been a fan. I recently stumbled across the link for this video on YouTube.

Apparently, the official title is ABBA: Our Last Video, and it was done in 2004 with the group’s blessing to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their Eurovision Song Contest victory which catapulted them to international fame. The group has consistently refused offers to reunite, but they liked this idea and did it for their fans.

If you like them and you haven’t seen this, it’s really funny and cute. :smiley:

Keep your eyes peeled and see if you can spot the four members of ABBA in the video. They all make brief cameos. Listen to the dialogue and see if you can catch all the song lyric references. And there’s at least one other, famous female celebrity who makes a cameo too.

Here’s the link:


that was too funny:D :thumbsup:

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