Attention all Catholics: How would you respond to the following...?

I was searching for some FAQs on transubstantiation and ran across the following from

The Roman Catholic religion teaches that once an ordained priest blesses the bread it is transformed into the actual flesh of Christ, and when he blesses the wine, it is transformed into the actual blood of Christ. First off, wine should not be used. Now, the Scriptures clearly declare that the Lord’s Supper is a memorial of Christ, not the actual consumption of His physical body and blood. Why are the Roman Catholics wrong here? Because Jesus is in HEAVEN at the right hand of God the Father, and he can by no means be present “body, blood, soul, and divinity” as Roman Catholics believe in their “mass”. Also, the “priest” is no more than a man making unbiblical gestures over that bread and wine. “Consecration” is never found in the bible, just like priests, wine in the Lord’s Supper, and kneeling before it is never found in the bible. Roman Catholics are no more Christian than the pagan next door…

What does it mean to you and how would you respond ot?

I can’t remember if you were the one that posted the last thread relating to the turning of wine into grape juice, but in that thread I posted a link to a fairly insightful (protestant) document regarding how this occured and the errors involved in getting from wine to grape Juice.

Now, I think in the one of the last few threads in this subject I discussed John 6 and Dueteronomy, that is one good place to start. Additionally many others provided good resources on transubstantiation. I’d start by reviewing the scriptures provided there. God bless!

To me, personally it means either the person is lying, and knows it, or he is mistaken, and doesn’t know it. The scripture clearly states no such thing as the author claims, and what scripture does say, in Christ’s own words is “This is my Body” and “This is my Blood”.

They seem to have a very limited idea of what God can do.

Well, they didn’t exactly offer a rationale as to WHY wine shouldn’t be used. Or a Scripture that says the sign of the cross is “unbiblical”. It’s very easy to just say something loudly, but I don’t see a whole lot of reason involved in that paragraph.

And I second the idea that Jesus is perfectly capable of being both in Heaven and the Eucharist. This is God we’re talking about. :rolleyes:

I would go even further and say that the individual that wrote this is ignorant of what the Bible says and is only writing down what he has heard in the pews and does not have a clue.

Also this grape juice thing is completely stupid and ignorant of the times of Jesus. This is just my point.

My response would be to this guy or gal is to read the New Testament with a open mind.

It’s people like that that give protestants a bad image, do not even waste your breath on that individual, obviously they are more consumed with hate then love. They would get booted out of most protestant churches I know of as well.

i call it a poor job in marketing… trying to drive people to your website in order to drive your “Hits” number higher. Obviously no one is interested in your opinions or your site would be self sustaining without the “covert aggrandizement” of posting links on Catholic webs site from sites that do a pathetic job of bashing Catholics…

…but that’s just my opinion… (this is why I don’t have a web site…)


You should back up substantiation if you are going to make an accusation like that to a member. He didn’t even parse the link correctly, try it, it goes to a dead page.

I knew he was crazy once I got to the part about “wine shouldn’t be used”. Christ’s first miracle was changing water into wine! And we’re not talking a little, we’re talking like 500 L or something like that (that’s about 0.5 meters cubed, or in imperial it’s closed enough to 0.5 yards cubed). Nowhere does it say Jesus then said “Don’t you dare drink this”, in fact it says that the guests comment on how good the wine is.

They asked for my “opinion”, they received it. No harm no foul… They are free to refute it… I don’t mind :confused:

Interesting quote; what authority does that person have to interpret Scripture in such a way?

As I am somewhat familiar with the site (not claiming I know every page)

But I have run a site search and I have NOT found your quotes.
Please provide a specific url of where your quotes can be found.

specifically this quote *“Roman Catholics are no more Christian than the pagan next door”
Thank you

the link in the OP won’t go because of the* colon:* at the end: but gotquestions is not that hard to find

I don’t think it is his website…the site was founded in 2002:

I’m suspecting something worse than “poor marketing”. for a hit count… But I’ll withhold those comments for now.

If my suspicions are correct: this thread will soon be deleted.

**This individual is just another misguided victim of the reformation.

Jesus founded the Catholic Church & made St. Peter the first Pope to guide us to the Fullness of Truth, so this type of false personal interpretation would be avoided.

“Martin Luther himself confirms that the early Church unanimously taught the Real Presence: 'of all fathers, as many as you can name, not one has ever spoken about the sacrament as these fanatics do. None of them uses such an expression as ‘it is simply bread and wine’ or ‘Christ’s body and blood are not present.’…Certainly among so many fathers and so many writings a negative argument should have turned up at least once, as happens in other articles; but actually they all stand uniformly and consistently on the affirmative side” Luther’s Works (St Louis Mo: Concordia Publishing 1961), vol 37, 54.

Fr Frank Chacon & Jim Burnham, Beginning Apologetics 1, p. 9, **

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


Fact check time:

Many of the quotes in the OP are NOT on the website gotquestions.

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