ATTENTION: Catholic Readers of Young Adult (Literary-style) Fantasy:

Aspiring author seeking individuals (preferred ages of 13-35/any age for editors, English majors, and librarians) to evaluate a young adult fantasy manuscript (435 pages). If you think that you might be interested, please reply to this thread and indicate your gender, age, and profession. Up to fifty people will be selected (based on information given) and will be sent, by private messaging, a dust-jacket-length synopsis (excluding the ending of course). Those who elect to continue will receive the manuscript via email (MS Word format) along with an evaluation form. All that is asked of participants is that they read the manuscript within a month’s time, give an honest evaluation, and that they respect the copyrighted material by keeping the manuscript in electronic format and then deleting the manuscript after the evaluation period.
(Author will climbing in Rumney, NH :slight_smile: and will respond to posts after 8/25)

Pax et Bonum!

First off, YA is my absolute favorite genre to read.

I’m a 25-year-old woman. I am an admissions representative for a small Christian college in Eastern Carolina. I have my bachelor’s in French. I have extensive experience in French, German and (some) Spanish – and in order to do this, you must have a working knowledge of your first language. Mine is English, so I feel that I can definitely help. I’m looking forward to reading what you have! :thumbsup:

I would be interested in helping out. I am a 39 y/o female; RN with 10 years experience 5 years in pediatrics. While I may not be an English major or editor, I do know children. :smiley:

Could you give an indication of what type of editorial insight you are interested in receiving? Is it primarily grammatical / typographical, content-related, or both? I’m sure that the evaluation form of which you speak would spell all that out, but it might help to entice people to respond if you could be a bit more specific beforehand. :slight_smile:

Since you set the age at 13-35, I would like to volunteer my son. He is a big fan of fantasy, especially with historical overtones. He is almost 14 and very opinionated. :smiley: He does not yet have a profession. :wink:

I am beyond your max age. I am 49 but would be happy to read it as well. I am female and teach college students for a living - business, not English, but I read a lot of papers. :wink:

I can volunteer my son, depending upon what you are looking for in the readers.

Thanks, Joe, for the great idea to be more specific about what I am seeking from a reader.

I am open to all comments, including (but not limited to) spotting typos and correcting grammar. However, I am primarily seeking input in regards to the manuscript’s entertainment value (especially from the perspective of young adults). The evaluation would include areas such as pacing (i.e. story moves too slowly … got bored by chapter three … didn’t want to put it down); character development (i.e. reader feels that they get to know characters); dialogue (i.e. interesting and believable); writing style (i.e. flows well, readable, or comes across as archaic); etc. Others – especially adult volunteers – may also want to comment on the Judeo-Christian symbolism.

I love Corki’s offer to read the manuscript with her son, something that I have enjoyed doing with my own son.

To all those who have posted to this thread (or have responded by private message), please look for the dust jacket-length synopsis and an evaluation form to come by private message in the next couple of days.

I’m still looking for more readers! Pass the word.

Love your screen name.

My time is limited, but maybe if I first read the synopsis, then I could tell you if I would be able to read the whole thing.

I know I am beyond your age range, but I would love to read your work. I am a 44-year-old mother of 3 children to whom I read the entire HP series. I am currently homeschooling my eldest in the 6th grade. I am a 5th grade Catechist at my parish, yet married to a staunch Southern Baptist. I am a cradle Catholic, a renewed evangelist and amateur apologist who regularly challenges the local Baptist clergy and their Sunday school teachers on their biblical philosophy in light of the teachings of the Catholic Church.

I am a stickler for English grammar and spelling, and my educational background is in full immersion French. I am also conversant in Spanish.

I would love to read your story for content, pacing, true-to-life dialogue and for overall entertainment value.


Hey Gidget,

I’d be glad to help! What a great idea to advertise here! I’m 21, female, and a college student with a double major in Psychology/Writing.

I’m game. I’m a freelance writer in Virginia and fantasy fiction is one of my interests. I would like to know, however, why you are particularly interested in catholic readers. Is it for appropriateness? Or is that worldview behind the story?

My 13 year old daughter and 15 year old son would both like to help you. Both read tons of books,

I would be interested in helping out & I would love to do this with my daughter. We both don’t actually fit in the age group you are looking for but I hope our backgrounds make up for it. I am a very young 40 year old (that is possible right?), am an avid reader, a huge fan of the Harry Potter seris & just started the Twilight series to see if it is appropriate for my daughter. I am the treasurer for our small town library board & buy or donate books to my childrens teachers whenever possible.

My daughter is 11 & just started middle school. She is an avid reader & actually encourages her friends to read. She is a huge fan of the Harry Potter series as well & has encouraged several friends to read the series. This summer her cousin got her hooked on the Warriors series about different cat tribes & has gotten one friend to start the series as well. She is such an advocate for her favorite book series that she will purchase the books and then lend them out to her friends so they can read them as well. I’ve encouraged her to donate them to our smalltown library when she is done with them so others can read them, but she loves them so much she just can’t part with her books! I am proud to say that this past summer she read 13 books (The Warriors series).

So, I would love to read this along with her if you think you would like the feedback of an old fart (me) and an old soul (daughter).

I’m a 36 year old PK-8th grade campus minister and an avid fantasy reader. I would love the chance to read and give feedback. My wife also works @ the same Catholic school and I’m sure she’d like a go at it, too. Finally, our son is a 6th grader @ our school - you may get three readers for the price of one. :slight_smile:

Blessings & Peace,

I would love to help you out. I’m a 17 year old girl, and an aspiring writer myself (I’m actually working on writing my own book). I don’t have an English major, but I am taking senior level Honors British Literature. I have taken creative writing classes where I evaluated my classmates papers, and I have been called a grammar-nut by my friends. I love the fantasy genre, and would have no problem finishing the book in month.
Can’t wait to hear back,

BeGods brought up a very good point – why am I asking for *Catholic *readers? It’s simple. When posting the thread I failed to think outside of the box (or at all, depending upon how you look at it). Of course this forum includes people of all faith backgrounds. Although the story incorporates Judeo-Christian symbolism (read Catholic), it is written to entertain any audience. Thanks for the question, BeGods.

I’m really looking forward to the responses. Please note that a personal email address is required from all participants. I have not been able to figure out how to attach the manuscript file and the evaluation form to the email option for the forum. (So, if you want to participate and haven’t heard back from me, please send me your email).
Thanks to all! I’m still looking for more!

I am a bit out of your age range (38), but until very recently have been a medical writer and have done free-lance editing for some Catholic Books. I also currently teach adult RCIA. Please let me know if I may be of help. I do enjoy a good book, and SciFi/Fan is some of my favorite.

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