Attention Couples, Potential Couples and Converts

I would like to Poll Couples, Engaged Couples and Converts on whether they were EVER taught that Contraception is against the Teachings of our Holy Catholic Faith.

If you want to explain what you experienced further related to that feel free to post away:)

My fiance is just finishing up RCIA, and I am quite sure the topic never came up for him. Of course we knew, but in marriage prep NFP was encouraged, but they were not exactly stern about contraception given that most of the couples were cohabitating and one already had children. We’ve long since learned we need to do our own homework- part of the reason why I’m on CAF!

I already voted but I need to clarify something… does the definition of contraception in this instance include or exclude NFP? (Some consider it contraception, some do not)

It most definitely excludes NFP. I specifically chose the word contraception as opposed to birth control as some people here in these forums say that NFP is birth control (a natural one of course) and that ABC is contraception.

My catholic high school taught us that although catholic teachings says NOT to use contraception that we should if we chose to have sex. I however do not believe in using contraception - I feel that particularly hormonal contraception can be harmful to the woman - there is not enough research on the long term effects etc.

God Bless


we had an identical thread in the last few weeks, why not save some time by reviewing those remarks.

If you are trying to use the fact that “nobody told me” contraception was a mortal sin, nice try, but won’t hold water. Just the outcry and constant whining about the Church teaching by those who disagree with it over the last 40 years should have been enough to bring the issue to your notice.

ok…I was raised in the “bad” years of catechesis. I was taught that it was wrong but it was pretty well assumed that you would use contraception. I don’t know how to explain it other than there was a distinct air of “here is the official teaching, of course you aren’t going to follow this antiquated rule”

Unfortunately, I can’t choose two.

When I went through RCIA in 1992, yes I was taught it was against the moral law.

In our marriage preparation classes in 2005, yes we were taught that contraception is against the moral law.

You OP and your poll choices don’t match (at least not for me). I was taught that the Church does not agree with contraception. Never that it was a sin. It is kind of like the current blurb about fasting on Fridays during Lent. It is a “rule” but the bulletin always adds that it is not binding under pain of sin. The priest doing our pre-cana was one of those “everyones situation is different, use your best judgement” types. :eek:

Contraception given certain circumstances, can most certainly be a sin.

Well, since this is a Catholic board… and the Catholic Church do not consider NFP contraception… I would assume it’s excluded. :wink:

But to answer the question… both my husband and I knew our entire lives that contraception was wrong. Our parents lived according to that teaching and pass it on to us. :slight_smile:

For a Catholic, contraception in ANY circumstance is a sin but I am just replying to the question of what I was previously taught. I know better now. :o

I went through RCIA in New Zealand and was never taught about the sin of contraception. NZ is more traditionally Church of England and there are not many Catholics. I was raised pentecostal and really had no idea about the teaching against contraception in absolute honesty. It wasn’t until my husband and I met another Catholic couple who are very orthodox in their faith that we learnt the sin of contraception. Consequently we stopped immediately and started learning NFP.

Just to clarify my comments earlier. I deliberately chose the words given certain circumstances because I learned on here, and tell me if this is true that a married Catholic woman of child bearing years can use contraception if she has a medical condition (I am not a doctor so I can’t give an example of a particular condition) and needs the pill. It was said that this is permitted by Catholic teaching so as long as she takes the pill for her medical condition and not to avoid pregnancy.

It is true that a medicine taken for a diseased state that has the unintended consequence of sterility is acceptable.

“Contraception” is a specific term that means preventing pregnancy.

Therefore it is not accurate to say a woman can “use contraception” if they have a medical condition. It would be accurate to say “a woman can take medicine to treat her condition, even if that medicine causes temporary or permanent sterility”.

we were told that its against the church teaching in both marriage prep and RCIA but fiance also brought it up not sure if it would have been brought up on own, also was covered along with how to put on a tp roll and to make sure we donate our 10% at the pre marriage weekends took basically 2 weekends to cover that and mostly about the 10 % lol there was a tad bit of stuff covered that had some important value but was very little and far between

What is a tp roll??

thanks for the advice on phraseology:)

Adult convert here - and before I came into the Church, I did not have Catholic friends or family. In my experience, it was common knowledge that the Catholic Church taught that contraception was a big NO NO. I sort of wonder how someone could NOT know this :shrug:

When I was in RCIA, I was given a catchesim and I read it - that confirmed what I already knew.

a toilet paper roll

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