Attention pro life activists!


Here is a wonderful opportunity to anyone called to reach out to those considering abortion. There is a website called that is centered around pregnancy. There are many forums on babycenter’s community and some of those are for those seeking abortion. This gives pro lifers a wonderful chance to write to these abortion bound women. Sometimes all these women need is a message of reassurance. Most already know in their hearts that abortion is wrong. Your message may be all that they need to make the right choice of life and love.

Please check out one of the abortion/termination forums here.

I have found the best way to reach the abortion minded women is to use the "pass a note"feature located at the bottom of each post. I hope that you will feel called to reach out to those who choose.
God bless you!


If any of you here have the heart to do this; this mother is really considering abortion. She is 12 weeks and I think with enough support, would keep her baby. Please send her a note!


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