**The news of the past few days apparently has people in an emotional tizzy. The purpose of this section of the forum is for religious debate. If you are incapable of following the rules of this section of the forum, I suggest you stay off of it. People of any religion deserve the respect our Pope encourages.

Let me, once again, point out the rules for discussion for inter-faith dialogue in the sticky above the forum:

Members are free to discuss, dialogue, question, disagree with, and debate the doctrines and dogmas of both Catholicism and non-Catholic religions. However, all discourse must be civil and charitable.

For both Catholic and non-Catholic posters:
It is acceptable to question the doctrine or dogma of another’s faith
It is never acceptable to question the sincerity of an individual’s beliefs
Bringing up historical controversies peculiar to a particular religion should be done cautiously*
It is acceptable to discuss the effect the incident had on current policy or practice.
It is acceptable to seek the truth vs. commonly-held beliefs or conventional wisdom about actual events.
It is fallacious reasoning to use embarrassing incidents to claim that they “prove” a particular religion is false.
Expecting members of any Church to defend or answer for the excesses or extremism of bodies that have broken with it is a technique that has no merit and can’t be defended.

These rules for posting are not open for debate.

Most of our regulars on NCRs have no problem posting within these guidelines. If you are not a regular on this sub-forum, I suggest you read before you post.
I will bump this up again.**


Please read the OP

Please read the OP

Please read the OP

**I want to reiterate this again from the OP, if you are incapable of following the rules of this section of the forum, I suggest you stay off of it. Concerning Muslim threads, I WILL enforce the rules of CAF. I am growing a little tired of hearing that someone else on another sub-forum can say ______.
I don’t give a hoot what you do on other sub-forums, this is NCRs. Our regular crew have no problem discussing the most volatile issues like adults. As far as I am concerned they are the best this forum can offer.
If you are not a regular, I suggest you learn by the example set by our crew.
Otherwise, you will get slammed. **

A reminder.
Newbies, please read the OP.
Thank you.

Please read the OP

I’m trying a kindler and gentler approach lately. So I removed the Nazi-like exclamation point.
Would you all, pretty please, with sugar on top, make sure you read the OP?

reaching for the nerve tonic


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