“Attitude adjustments” by Pope Benedict? - Catholic University of Milan: older Mass to be celebrated [Fr. Z]

Today there is a comment in *Il Giornale *by Andrea Tornielli, who is proving to be pretty reliable about matters concerning Pope Benedict XVI’s Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum.

Here is his piece from 11 October, in my translation and with my emphases.

The old Tridentine Mass (but with the Roman Missal) in the heart of Milan: this afternoon at 6 pm in the chapel of Sacred Heart Catholic University (at Largo Gemelli 1) Mass will be celebrated in the “extraordinary” form of the Roman Rite thanks to the derestriction desired by Pope Benedict XVI with his Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum. Presiding at the rite will be Msgr. Gianni Ambrosi, chaplain at the Catholic University.

As is known, the derestriction by the Pope was not applied in the “Ambrosian” diocese [Milan], which has its own rite different from the Roman. Many letters and requestions arrived in Rome in these last weeks at the Pontifical Commission “Ecclesia Dei”, which according to Ratzinger’s will concerns itself wtih the application of the Motu Proprio. In the Vatican, therefore, the case of Milan is also being studied. ** The Pope himself would be quite displeased by some of the instances of “resistance” being shown even in Italian dioceses** and it is likely that quite soon some interpretive norms will be issued to correct the application of the document according to the meaning desired by Benedict XVI.

If you recall, a highly placed official in Milan said that the Motu Proprio would not pertain to most of Milan, where the Ambrosian Rite is used, but only the very few places where the Roman Rite is used in that Archdiocese.

However, some historical perspective is helpful. If you read St. Pius V’s *Quo primum *we see that at the same time as that Pontiff said that in some regions venerable local rites could be retained, no priest could be prevented from using also the *Roman *Rite if he desired to use it even in those regions. Pius V allowed, therefore, universal use of the Roman Rite that overlaid even those places where local rites were retained. Frankly, that is pretty flexible.

However, in contrast to what some people imagine were the repressive times of the 16th century, since 1970 we saw a far more restrictive attitude about the use of venerable rites (such as the older form of the Roman Rite), though lip service was given to freedom and flexibility. It is ironic in a way that, today, some officials in dioceses, even diocese where no local rite has ever been in use, should be less flexible and permissive than Pope Pius V.
Let us hope that this celebration of Holy Mass will be a regular occurance at the Cattolica in Milan.

Will we be seeing some “attitude adjustments” by Pope Benedict?

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This story is huge. Why is this thread being so studiously avoided?:confused:

Actually I agree this is an important story. I hope it is true. Clarification is always a good thing. I like the idea of an assertive Pope, it lowers confusion.

While he is no liar by any stretch, I tend to take Fr.Z with a grain of salt.

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