Attn all and Trad Cath's- Release of Original Douay Rheims info

I would like to inform that a facsimile reproduction of the Original Douay Rheims will be available in individual volumes on August 1.
I am currently selling off a set of proof copies on ebay. If you want to take a look at them, just go to ebay and search “Douay” or “Rheims” and you will find them. I will post again on Aug 1 with a link to the publisher. Please post or feel free to email me with any questions.


I would like to inform that a facsimile reproduction of the Original Douay Rheims will be available in individual volumes on August 1.

Is this really the ORIGINAL D/R? Or is it the Challoner revision (the most commonly available recension)?

Yes, it is really the original. NOT the Challoner revision. ’ Take a look at the auction!


You can also find facsimile of the 1582 Douai-Rheims New Testament (complete to the best of my knowledge) here. Simply type a page number in the “Aller Page” box or use the single arrow to flip pages.


Whitht he help ogf Google Translate, I figured out how to have the site create a PDF with the full text, all 801 pages, as a single file for download:

A translation of the page when the above result was generated:
The document that you asked is ready.
It is structured with format pdf.
It contains 801 pages.
Its size is of 49706385 bytes.
You can download it while clicking here. To use the right click and “To record the bond under…” for Netscape or “To record the target under…” for Internet Explorer

The file will remain available only two days on the server.

Gallica is equipped with a server ftp allowing the resumption of the transfer of data after interruption. To exploit this functionality, you must use a software of transfer ftp. The parameters of connection are as follows:
server =
account (compte) = anonymous
Password (mot de passe) = none ( aucun )
way of the file (chemin du fichier) =

Ray Scheel-

Thanks for doing this.


The original 1582 Rheims New Testament and 1635 Douay Old Testament are now available. Here is a link to the publisher.


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The build of the entire document was only going to be up for 48 hours, starting a bit before I posted it. If you want to rebuild a fresh copy, go to the link provided by Catholig, click on “Télécharger”, choose “OK” to accept the defaults, and then a page similar to what I’d posted originally will come up, wher you can click the link and download. If you do that, you might want to post an updated link for the entire build

Oh well, I’m not that competent in computers, I can barely type and post in threads. Thanks anyway.

Here you go, good for another 48 hours I suppose:

:hmmm: Wait a second, that looks like the exact same link as before… I wonder if it assigns the link based on some algorhythm which is consistent, so that it will always be the exact same link, but will only be active if someone has generated the file within the last 48 hours?

Probably. The last half of the filename if pretty clearly assigned based on the user choices, and I’d bet the initial numbers are the ID of the originating document, not just some random string. At work, our upload/download areas have a script that runs on a scheduled to purge the old files so things don’t accumulate. So we don’t need to repost the link after all, just a note that someone has rebuilt it again recently…

I don’t know what’s wrong with my link, all I got this time was a blank page. Oh well.

Your link is fine. I was able to open it up.

Where will the reproductions be available on August 1?

This works. Thanks for the info.

Here is a good source.:slight_smile:

Great, thanks.

Try a right-click (or click-hold on a Mac, I think) and choose “Save as”, and let it fully download before opening it. Even on broadband it takes a while to get it down, if you browser was trying to open it directly in the Adobe Acrobat plug-in, it could get very confused while waiting for the document to come down.

Thanks, I finally got it I just had to wait Forever ( about 5 min.)
After It finally downloaded, I copied it to my documents and saved it. It’s really great, but the old English spelling is hard to get used to. Again thanks.:thumbsup:

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