Attn: Catholics who don't pray the Rosary daily


I recently started praying the Rosary daily again out of the blue after having stopped for two years, and I was thinking that since I’m getting into the habit again it might be a good idea to invite CAF Catholics who don’t pray it already to start praying it daily with me. If only one other person from CAF starts praying it daily it would be a really good thing. I know there’s a CAF group that already prays regularly, but the thing is that they already pray regularly.

It’s not hard to pray the Rosary, and it usually takes me about 20 minutes for five decades and the few starting prayers. It may seem like an intimidating thing to do when you start, but when you get used to praying it every day it’s really not bad at all and the benefits far outweigh the little time spent.

This is a good website that can help you get started with praying the Rosary:


It is a good devotion, as far as devotions go, but we must remember that all devotions are not for all people.

I think it would be better to encourage everyone to find something that appeals to them, be it the rosary, the Liturgy of the Hours, daily Mass, silent mediation/reflection.

The point is to spend time with our Lord daily.


The point is to spend time with our Lord daily



I figured that some people seem to have trouble with getting into something like Rosary praying or Bible reading, it might help if they had this kind of encouragement. I suppose it won’t, though.


Don’t be discouraged Larowyn. I would like to start praying the rosary daily as well but I’m a little intimidated by it. Anyway, thanks for the encouragement! :slight_smile:


I also re-started this devotion just recently, much like the OP, after having stopped a few years. It helps a LOT… you will never truly understand until you actually do it. Aside from the Mass, it is the most powerful kind of prayer there is.


Praying without ceasing, I’m often thinking/thoughts as if I’m speaking to God, I don’t know if that counts. There’s been a lot that hasn’t made sense to me yet I’m not supposed to understand everything in the world, I know that. Am praying the rosary, usually at least once, sometimes all 4.


Hi, I also want to start praying it daily. Before I joined the service I prayed it daily for a few months and even found time after lights out at basic training to pray it. I was tired as can be and sick for most of the time but still did it. Now I always make excuses like being tired and not feeling like it. Its funny how easy it is when you need god, but when things in your life are running smooth, its easier to put it off. It is really good for your life to pray it, it reduces sin. Please add me to your intentions the next time you pray. Pray that I too will start again.


Keeping you in prayers.


Hey, I pray the rosary everyday at school. I try to do at least one there. But I have a small problem with it. I usually pray it before all the classes start since I come to school early, and go to the least populated hallway, so I can focus, but eventually people pass by as the bulk of the students enter the building from the buses. I think its good witness that people see me pray, but it can be somewhat distracting when people walk by me. Some days I’m more distracted than usual. Other days I can focus on the mysteries perfectly. I’m not sure if I should keep praying in the hallways since its a good witness even though I do get distracted or find a more secluded place outside so I can focus better?

Hope I described myself well.


Personally, I’d find a more secluded place outside to pray the rosary if I were you. But then again, you’re always going to have distractions, even in a secluded place. I will pray that your distractions will be minimized.


Start off slowly - make a commitment to just a single decade every day for a few weeks, after you’re solidly doing that then increase to two or three a day and gradually build up.


Koolerkev - do you have music practice rooms? The ones that used to be in one of my old colleges were sound proofed and would be ideal. Or, find a place near to class, like maybe the library?


When I was in junior high, I would walk around the soccer fields every morning to pray my rosary. But if the hallway is your best option, then offer your distractions to the Lord and pray for all those who pass by. God bless! :slight_smile:


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