ATTN: Parents of girls age 12-18...TRUE GIRL MAGAZINE IS BACK!


It will be back in circulation by summer. My daughter missed it while it was gone.

I can post the information to subscribe to it if anyone is interested. Just let me know.


YAY!!! I have gifts again!!!


I am not familiar with this magazine, since I don’t have any children.

However, I have a niece who is 11, turning 12. Can you tell me about the magazine and info on subscriptions? I might like to get this as a gift for her.


True Girl Magazine (the new name will be TG Magazine) focuses on “faith, fun, and fashion” for girls 12-18 viewed through the lens of the Catholic faith.

It’s like a smaller version of Seventeen Magazine but without all the immoral trash.

In addition to hair, clothes, make up and social issues which are age-relevant (how to handle gossip, etc), faith related subjects are peppered throughout -

The back of the magazine always has a little tidbit of info as well, like, “What is a pyx?” or “What is a relic?”, etc.

I’ll post the flyer I got from them in another post.

My daughter really likes this magazine.


Below is the information from the email they sent me as a past subscriber.

Let me know what you think!

*TrueGirl Magazine is BACK!!!

TrueGirl Magazine began about two years ago as a magazine for young Catholic ladies, aged 12-18. The focus was on “faith, life and fashion”. It contained many articles on life and fashion that interested our young ladies but were presented through the lens of our Catholic faith.

The magazine has been on hiatus for several months, but is now ready for continued publication. There is a new editor and a new name (True Girl is a registered trademark of someone who is in no way connected with the magazine). Subscribers will still read about their faith, modest fashions & make-up, issues important to today’s teens and they will still have fun!

A one years’ subscription includes six (6) bi-monthly issues for $19.95. To subscribe:

  1. Go to* and click ‘send money’. Send $19.95 to: (A free account on paypal is required for this method);
  2. Mail a check or money order to:
    TG Magazine (made out to same)
    PO Box 134
    Hampstead, MD 21074

For either method, please include your name, address and email; plus the same for the recipient of the subscription. You can expect to see your first issue this summer!

For more information, please contact Heather Gaffney, Editor-in-Chief at


Oh wow. That sounds like a great magazine. My sister turns 17 in June, I think I will get her a subscription to it. I even want to see it myself and I’m 22 lol. Thanks for telling about it!!

ETA: does the mag have a website?


Since it’s just getting started again I don’t know if it does or not. You might email Heather, the editor, (see my previous post) and ask her…:slight_smile:


good idea. thanks!


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