Attorney General Barr Warns Officials Targeting The Faithful, Backs Church Lawsuit

Just because you don’t care about Mass in a safe drive-in parking lot, that doesn’t give you the right to stop others.

I didn’t stop others. A public official did out of health concerns

We’re going in a circle here. Please explain how sitting in a parked car creates significant danger.

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I am continuously astounded by leftists’ lack of compassion for those who are now entering poverty during these Governor-forced business shutdowns during this pandemic.
And those who don’t care about attending Mass think it’s ok to PREVENT everyone else from attending. And you’ll never see these people complain about abortion sites still being open.

Virginia churches could face criminal penalties for holding services during the coronavirus outbreak.

Meanwhile, Gov. Ralph Northam, a pro-abortion Democrat who defended infanticide last year, is allowing abortion facilities to continue killing unborn babies in elective abortions unhindered.

“Ralph Northam is putting the profits of the $1 billion abortion industry ahead of the health, safety, and well-being of all Virginians,” said Victoria Cobb, president of the Family Foundation of Virginia. “His decision to allow abortions to continue when other elective procedures have been suspended is anti-science, anti-health, and anti-life.”


I am praying for my neighbor who might never come back from the hospital. I can pray from home. God will hear me just fine.


I think of permitting abortion and disallowing safely celebrated Mass (as in Virginia) as a “big flood”.

On Palm Sunday, Lighthouse Fellowship had conducted a worship service with 16 people practicing social distancing in a facility that seats more than 200.

Afterwards, “two police officers entered the church and issued Pastor Wilson a summons and informed him that if he had service on Easter, and if more than ten people attended, everyone would receive the same summons.”

“Because the executive orders prohibit Lighthouse’s sixteen-person, socially distanced gathering in a 225-seat church but allow similar secular conduct, such as a gathering of 16 lawyers in a large law firm conference room, the governor’s executive orders may constitute a violation of the church’s constitutional rights to the free exercise of religion,” the DOJ stated.
“The Commonwealth of Virginia has offered no good reason for refusing to trust congregants who promise to use care in worship in the same way it trusts accountants, lawyers, and other workers to do the same,” he pointed out.

We’re fortunate to have William Barr on our side, fighting against anti-Christian bigotry.


This is old recycled news. And it was an isolated incident even when it was new.

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California, Alaska, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Minnesota, Illinois, New York, and Vermont prohibited in person religious gatherings as the coronavirus took hold of the United States.

People do not go into liquor stores hundreds at a time and stay for an hour. At least in Minnesota, public mass was suspended by the Archbishop before any state orders came down. And just today the Minnesota bishops and the Governor reached a compromise. Mass at 25% capacity and social distancing for now.


You forgot to mention shopping malls are allowed to be open at 50%.

I’m not criticizing opening shopping malls to such an extent, but Mass is much more important.

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Every Catholic Bishop I have heard of , shut down our Catholic services to protect health and life.
I don’t know why these overtures to other churches that didn’t do what we did for the reasons we did them.
Lifesite seems oblivious to the Catholic Church.
I think our church was right. These articles indirectly question us. In fact in their us and them, the Catholic Church is somehow anti-religion.

What I find interesting, and I apologize to any offended non-catholics, but, what exactly are the protestant churches missing?

I mean, Catholics are forgoing the sacrament of Holy Communion for the good of the congregation. What is the compelling reason for the non-catholic Christians to get back into their services?


I sincerely don’t understand how we can receive safely once we can go.

One asymptomatic person in line to receive could spread it.

Where I go (eastern practice):

  • A separate spoon and napkin is used for each communicant, who then drops immediately places them into containers for proper handling.
  • Icons and the cross are venerated without kissing.
  • The services are still entirely sung; mask are worn AND six feet of distance is maintained; the congregation attends on a cycle, with only enough permitted to enter the church to maintain the distancing - the rest may participate by live-streaming; the choir is reduced to a 4-6 voices, who maintain separation (unless they are members of the same family) and orient themselves to avoid projecting aerosol at one another.
  • Processions have been minimized.
  • Only communion services (Divine Liturgy) have been offered; no vespers or matins.

As you might imagine, very little of this is from the governor; it is from the bishop.

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Well, no wine, no Mass. :slight_smile:

Maximus1 . . . .

Every Catholic Bishop I have heard of , shut down our Catholic services to protect health and life.

Fortunately now they are opening them back up now to protect eternal health and life.

Thank you Catholic Bishops!

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They will when lives are not put at risk as their actual concern. Not " because I have a right to."
Catholic values guides their decisions.

More than 43 percent of coronavirus deaths occurred in nursing homes and assisted-living facilities (ALF), reports Forbes.
But those who live in nursing homes and ALFs represent just 0.62 percent of the population.

Therefore, widespread stay-at-home orders are unnecessary to protect the vast majority of the at-risk population.

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Don’t feel like you’re the only one I stumped if you can’t answer this (none of your like-minded friends could), but would you say that the peaceful protesters (not the rioters) of the murder of George Floyd are endangering public health by not practicing social distancing? Must they be stopped?

Or, are the Church attendees the only people who are “endangering public health”, and they don’t deserve to be defended in your world?

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I wonder if “the faithful” who shouldn’t be targeted include Episcopal clergy?

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