Audience applauds violent anti-Semitism on Egypt TV

Egyptian actors fooled into thinking they were on an Israeli television show flew into violent rages and assaulted presenters on a candid camera-type program aired in Egypt in recent days.

The program was broadcast on Egypt’s Al-Nahar channel, and was made available by the Washington-based Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

I have to tell you I found this video very disturbing.

Not surprising. These folks are from the same class of people that were dancing in the streets when the WTC came down on 9/11/01.

The Egyptian population, like the populations in all Arab countries hate Israel and have for decades, this shouldn’t be a surprise. Israel hasn’t really helped their cause here. Their relationship with these countries has also been hostile for decades.

Israeli apologists only see the animosity of the Arabs against them; they are blind to their own hostility to the Arabs. :shrug:

I couldn’t imagine for a second any Jewish Israeli actors or actresses going on public television in Israel and expressing similar opinions toward Arabs. They would be ostracized, their careers in ruins. Here all three Egyptian actors appeared on television in Egypt and individually and separately, all expressed the same hateful opinions. Not only were they not ostracized, they were applauded, they were called "patriots’ for spewing hatred of Jews and the Jewish state.

Yes, it is considered patriotic for Arabs to not like the idea that Europeans have setup a country in their homeland. You need to see it from their point of view.

I don’t understand the comment “Israel hasn’t realized helped their cause here” - we are talking about an Egyptian “candid camera” television show. No Israelis were involved. The producer was chosen as, in Arab eyes, and as the actors commented, “he looked Jewish”. Israel and Israelis have always sought and welcomed peaceful relations with our neighbors.

Oddly enough, the good people of Egypt didn’t think the Palestinian Arabs deserved their own homeland when they had control of Gaza from 1948-1967.

Just sayin.

The good people, or the ruling military?

Who allowed them to rule?

Assult weapons, tanks and aircraft.

I don’t recall any popular support for such, either by the Palestinian Arabs, or the Egyptians. Perhaps they were just wrapped up in Nasser’s pan-Arab nationalism?

Just like they were in Jordan and the West Bank.

No, wait…

So how did that end?

Can you please point out in this video the hostility to Arabs?

I see. If Israeli hostility towards Arabsa isn’t on that video, it doesn’t exist. Right? :confused:

In Egypt the military have ruled since 1952, they still rule.

If we understand that these are Egyptians, by referring to having "setup a country in their homeland’ (sic!) you have just summarized pan-Arabisim in a nutshell, and now understand why Egypt and the surrounding Arab states are ethnically cleansed of Jews (800,000 Jewish refugees from Arab lands were absorbed into Israel - remarkably not a single one is in a refugee camp:shrug:), why the Jordanian Nationality law states that anyone who was living in the area of Jordan at the time of its formation is a citizen unless they are a Jew, why the 1973 law Jordanian calls for the death penalty for anyone selling land to a Jew, why the Palestinian Arab Authority has similar rules and have declared that the Palestinian Arab state will be Jew free, why the Hamas charter is rife with with classic anti-Semitism of world Jewish control and states that there can never be peace with Israel and why it works for a World Islamic Caliphate under Islamic law and claims that only then Jews and Christians can find justice, why every none Arab non Muslim group like the Christian Copts or the Christians in Lebanon or Iraq are persecuted. However there is a easy retort to this view that does not tolerate any non Arab and non Muslim. You accuse Israel of being an “apartheid state”.

At no point did the Arabs living under Jordanian rule in Judea and Samaria (“the west bank”) or under Egypt in Gaza demonstrate and demand that these area become a “Palestinian” (Arab) state. There were no “Israeli settlements” in these areas when organizations like the P.L.O were formed in 1964 (three years before the six days war). If the Arabs wanted another state to the more than twenty they currently have, Israel has always shown that it is willing to compromise for peace. However, the problem is the existence of Israel and not additional Arab states.

You need to understand how the Arabs look at this. They were there, the UN (actually Europe) decided to put a European colony there that displaced Arabs. The Arabs were not asked, they were told it would happen.

It was typical of European colonial practice at the time, but indigenous people and those around them are bound to not like it.

Same thing happened in America, the Native Americans were not too pleased about it. The European settlers ended up killing off most of the Native Americans either on purpose or by disease and that stop the protests and Indian wars. You don’t have that alternative.

In South America the Europeans came in and didn’t displace the indigenous peoples, instead they ruled over them. Again, the indigenous people were not too please about it. That, in some ways is also what is happening in Israel.

Did you even read your link?

On the eve of the 60th anniversary of a coup that started decades of military rule, Egypt’s new president said Sunday that it failed to bring about democracy. He credited last year’s uprising with correcting the path.


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