Audience with the Pope

I will be in Rome for a couple of days this summer, and I would like to know how people get tickets to be in that crowd where the Pope gives his blessing. Does this happen only on Wednesdays? Are there any other papal events that a person could attend? Do tickets always have to be obtained in the U.S. before leaving? Does the Holy Father publish his schedule anywhere so we can know when he is traveling? If anyone knows the answers to any of these questions, please respond to this thread.

The easiest way to get tickets for a Wednesday Audience (or any other public event with the Pope) is through your diocese. The tickets are always free.

The General Audiences are always held on Wednesday. He also does an angelus greeting on Sundays over St. Peter’s Square - no ticket required.

Its hard to predict this early what other special events might be going on - the Pope’s public schedule is generally available a month or two in advance. Again, your local diocese gets this and can assist with tickets to any events.

You mention you’ll be traveling this summer. One big event is World Youth Day in Cologne, Germany in August - obviously the Pope will be there rather than Rome at that time.

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