Audio Bibles with missing words


Ive been listening to bits and pieces of the Dhouay Rhaims audio in the Youversion app, but it seems to skip words here and there for no apparent reason. I’ve found this in Protestant audio Bbles too, especially in the Word Of Promise, where for instance it will skip sentences like “Amd then he said”.

Are there any good, complete audio Bibles out there?


Steve Webb’s audio Douay is $20. You can buy the mp3’s here. Steve has a good clear voice. There are some passages I would read differently, but it’s well worth the $20.


I have the "Truth and Life’ Dramatized Audio Bible. It uses the RSV-CE as its translation and has a large cast and includes background sounds and music. Dramatized audio Bibles will exclude some of the narrator’s words such as; ‘and then he said…’ to keep the Bible flowing conversationally. If you buy a single reader (non-dramatized) audio Bible, then the reader reads every word and verse.


I wouldn’t worry about it that much. If you’re serious about using the Bible properly, it shouldn’t make that much different. The Bible is not a stand-alone instrument. When we read or listen to the Bible, we should keep in mind three things that we must do:

  1. Read or listen to the Bible as a whole vs. in snippets apart from context of the whole.

  2. Read or listen to the Bible in context of the Sacred Tradition of the Church. Scripture and Sacred Tradition are the two main transmissions of the Word of God. Sacred Tradition preceded the New Testament. And the Bible does not contain the whole of the Divine Revelation. (See John 21:25)

  3. Read or listen to the Bible in context of the living teaching office of the Body of Christ (the Church), which we call the Magisterium. Best source is to reference the Catechism of the Catholic Church.


The only thing I don’t like about dramatized audio Bibles is that sometimes it all feels a bit “much”. There’s at least one of the Psalms in The Bible Experience (NIV) where the reader suddenly starts singing the Psalm. And I forget which one, but there’s a version that uses two voices to read the part of one person. Not all at once, but it cross-fades from one voice to another.


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