Audio books/mp3

I am looking for an online source to download some free mp3 books. Legal of course!

Just wondering if anyone had any suggestions

Libri Vox looks like a great LEGAL place to get free audio books. They are all older stuff in public domain, read by volunteers. :thumbsup: is another, and for some great spiritual works, has the widest selection.

Try hear-now-audio-books. You will get free mp3 books. I think they are offering 21 free books. I hope it help you.

Try the audio archives at

Hello there. You might also try – it has an interesting selection of works (including some from the Bible) but be aware that the reader has a rather unique style that some like, some don’t like, so perhaps sample first to see if his approach appeals to you or not.

You can get Mere Christianity by CS Lewis here.

And going beyond just “books” be sure to check the Sticky thread on Electronic Resources.

**Sure… I got a Superb solution over here…
I was a great fan of Audio Books. But unfortunately I dont have enough time to read all my favorites…
So finally I got a solution from Audio Books

Hope it will helps you too… Enjoy!!!**

I’m not sure if this is exactly what you’re looking for, but here it is anyway…

Sonitus Sanctus serves as a storehouse of Catholic MP3s. Lots of great links to lots of great speakers. As far as audiobooks, that is not their focus, but they have some included with all the other Catholic audio resources.

Your first post, and it’s an ad for paid audiobooks - contrary to the OP which specifically asked for FREE audiobooks?

Me smells a troll.

If you go to, you can download the first two chapters of The Shepherds’ Prayer (a great book for Christmas). If you buy the hardcover book, you get the audiobook free.

I’m reading the hardcover version right now.

If you are looking for a Audio Books where you can download Books legally, then I know a website where I have downloaded many of the books even for free… I felt it as very worthy… Hope it will help you too…

Hey as per my knowledge, there are a lot of sites which will help you out in downloading Audio Books. Even in the beginning I was facing a lot of problem. But now I will download all my Audio Books Copies at the website Hope it will help you too.

Heh heh…not “their” focus…“his”. I’m working alone at present. And I have a tag for audiobooks on my site: Audiobook. Currently, I have some 50 different works.

Hope that helps.

God Bless,

Sorry! :blush:

Keep up the good work, Ryan! Your site is a great resource! :thumbsup:

Check to see if your library has a virtual library database, too.

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