Audio Recording Homily

I’m wondering, is it ok to audio record the Homily while I’m paying attention, just so I can take notes in my journal later and have it for review while taking notes? Writing during mass would be difficult as I don’t write quickly enough.

Please advise.

Some parishes record the priests homilies and put them online for people to listen to. So I don’t see anything wrong with you recording it yourself. Have you checked to see if your parish already records homilies? The only issue I could see is that other people might find you fiddling with your phone to be distracting, or that your phone may start making notifications if you forget to turn them off. Stuff like that may be an issue.

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I come from a tradition in Protestantism where it was a function of the church staff to record sermons and make copies of the recordings available to all and sundry. A homily a public message; I can’t see where there would be any objection to recording it, as long as the process was not distracting. There might be objection to bringing in a whole crew of studio staff :open_mouth:


I keep my phone on silent during mass. I, honestly, just want to record it do I can add it, and my reflections on it, in my journal.

Ask your Priest whether he would mind. I’m sure he wouldn’t.

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I just wanted to take my phone out, hit audio record, and then when I get home take notes on the homily. Not to write the homily word for word, but to write referenced scripture, notes, themes and then my personal reflection in my journal.

I will definitely do that. Thank you.

You might want to sit close to one of the PA speakers to get the best sound, especially if your church has an echo (like ours does :smiley: )


GOOD THINKING!!! I didn’t even think of that. :latin_cross:

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