*Chanced upon a website called ** *some time ago and I appreciated the many sermons to be found there!
When I tried to locate this website today it appears to be gone!
Is there anyone with information regarding
audiosancto **here at Catholic Answers?
Thank you.
Much appreciated!

The website seems to be working fine, maybe try again.

And yes I agree excellent sermons, full of good solid teaching. There’s also the **Videsancto **Channel on Youtube, I’m not sure if the two are related but, a lot of the same sermons can be found there too.

I was able to pull up the site with no problem.

Thank you folks!!**
Perhaps it’s my computer :eek:!!
God Bless You.

I listen to it a lot. Perhaps you forgot that its a .org

God Bless

Thank you again!!
New information… *
If you’re a regular visitor to* Audio Sancto ***then you know that the last two weeks have seen a few changes, including the moving of the entire 250+ sermon archive of one particular priest from Audio Sancto to ** **.
(End Times 1 and 2 ~ second page - most interesting!)

Changes coming this week: the categories as they were on Audio Sancto will be restored and the sermons that have moved to Romans10Seventeen will again be visible and searchable on Audio Sancto, though you’ll be redirected to Romans10Seventeen in order to listen to those sermons.

Both Audio Sancto and Romans10Seventeen are operated by the same team (which also operates****) and we’re going to be adding at least** two more sites soon. **The goal toward which we’re working is the construction of a new, free, educational website, organized topically along the outline of the Catechism of the Council of Trent, where one will be able to learn the Faith by listening to sermons, reading referenced eBooks, and/or watching educational videos. The audio/sermon content for this new site will be drawn from Audio Sancto, Romans10Seventeen, and a few more sites that are being built or modified for this purpose.

The first step in building the new educational website is the construction of Romans10Seventeen (which is underway). Next will be the cloning and extension of Romans10Seventeen for another entity. Finally, Audio Sancto will be relaunched as a multi-channel website designed for hosting sermons by priests (individual or groups) who don’t have the time or interest to build and manage their own sermon-hosting website (and there will be non-English sermons as well – ¿Habla usted español?).

For now, we would greatly appreciate it if you would consider **offering some prayers **for the Audio Sancto team as we make these changes.

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