Aug 15 Holy Day of Obligation

I will be on a x-country road trip from the Pacific NW to the SE Coast this week. I have no idea where I’m going to be on Aug 15 as I am not the driver. I couldn’t let the young driver make this trip on his own. Please advise as to how/when I can fulfill my duty.

You got internet?
Google mass times in area. Quite simple.


Have you asked your pastor for a dispensation?

my goodness, I didn’t think of that & I’m leaving tomorrow.

I would use the website and find a nearby parish. Most of them have morning and evening Masses on Holy Days of obligation. And even Holy Day Masses are relatively short, maybe 45 minutes, so your trip will not be greatly interrupted.


Ditto. I use this site regularly. I will add that it is not always up to date on Mass times, but it can at least tell you where to go. And with that, I’d advise, to go to the parish websites of those places nearby. is the best way to find nearby parishes. Once you find the parishes nearby. I suggest you check their website or better yet call for the Holy Day of Obligation Mass times. The app will probably not have all the mass times for the holy day, because many parishes run a special schedule on a holy day of obligation, but the app will show you which churches are close by wherever you are.


Driving across on I-84 & I-80. I think the towns are few and far between in Wyoming & I suspect we’ll be going through Wyoming on Thursday.

If you genuinely can’t make it because of a lack of parishes / masses where you’ll be then you’re exempt from the obligation (God doesn’t expect the impossible of us). Read and reflect on the readings of the day as a means of making a spiritual communion and be at peace.


Regarding “obligations”, an area priest described them as “Holy Days of Opportunity” for the chance to offer sacrifice and spend a holy hour with the Lord in the Tabernacle.

Plus communion.

A win-win.

Second :+1:

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Have you thought about going to the vigil mass tonight? August 14?

Thank God for the Internet (LOL)
I travel a bit and Mass Locator is so useful that I actually feel a little bit guilty how convenient it is to have Mass à la cart.
Mid week. After work. Walking distance from my hotel.
Thank God for all our servant-leader priests and religious who give their lives for God’s greater glory.

I understand the desire to reframe the idea of obligation into something joyful and positive, but don’t we have the opportunity to do that every day?

We do have that opportunity daily, but the HDO provides some extra motivation, in part because there are usually more Mass time options for people to attend.

Thanks for posting this.

I also “genuinely can’t make it” but I’ll put the readings to good use.

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DO call the parish even if you find times on “Mass Times”. There are parishes who do not know MassTimes website exists, let alone that their staff is responsible for updating it.


If one cannot reasonably attend Mass due to traveling, then one is released from the obligation. You do not need a dispensation. What is “reasonable” is a matter of prudential judgment.

Here in Canada, the Assumption is not a HDO.

Sounds as if you will be passing through the Diocese of Cheyenne.

Google “Catholic Churches + the interstate you are on”

Of course! But, to view such days as a mere obligation seems to defeat the glory of it all. That’s all I’m saying.

As @Thomasbradley312 said, when keep your phone around, do some research, and find somewhere to make a stop and go to Mass.

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