Aug. 19 - "Give yourselves..."

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Aug. 19 is the Memorial of St. John Eudes, who was devoted to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. In a General Audience by Pope Benedict XVI, given on Aug. 19, 2009, I read these words of St. John Eudes to Priests:

“Give yourselves to Jesus in order to enter the immensity of his great Heart which contains the Heart of his Holy Mother and the hearts of all the Saints and lose yourselves in this abyss of love, charity, mercy, humility, purity, patience, submission and holiness” (Coeur admirable, III, 2).

I was blessed by the thought of the immensity of the Heart of Jesus described by St. John Eudes as “the immensity of His great Heart which contains the Heart of His Holy Mother and the hearts of all the Saints”. Pope Benedict also said of St. John Eudes:

…The path of holiness, which he took himself and proposed to his followers, was founded on steadfast trust in the love that God had revealed to humanity in the priestly Heart of Christ and in the maternal Heart of Mary. In those times of cruelty, of the loss of interiority, he turned to the heart to speak to the heart, a saying of the Psalms very well interpreted by Saint Augustine. He wanted to recall people, men and women and especially future priests, to the heart by showing them the priestly Heart of Christ and the motherly Heart of Mary. Every priest must be a witness and an apostle of this love for Christ’s Heart and Mary’s Heart. And here we come to our own time.

Today too people feel in need of priests who witness to God’s infinite mercy with a life totally “conquered” by Christ and who learn to do this in the years of their seminary training…For the full text see HERE

May the Priestly Heart of Jesus and Maternal Heart of Mary be the foundation of holiness for priests and people in the Church today. This General Audience has much for us to ponder, as is so typical of Pope Benedict XVI - he is able to convey such deep truth in simple words. The full text is not long; I hope you’ll be blessed by it, and encouraged to give yourself anew or for the first time to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Let us also pray fervently for priests that they may truly learn Christ, and help their flocks to learn.

Mary Mother of the Church intercede for all clergy and people now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

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