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It seems that even Lutherans have a church that wholeheartedly seeks reunion with Rome: on its own terms. I don’t know a lot about this group, but since the discussion regarding the Anglican Catholic Church, I wanted to see if Lutherans might have an equivalent. It seems they have a rather aggressive equivalent.

Wondered what had happened to them. Back when they were the Anglo-Lutheran Catholic Church, about 4 years ago, a Bishop Ira Gladfelter, now listed as Metropolitan Emeritus of North America, for this newly named group, posted here for awhile. He was much impressed by the validity of his orders, through the Order of Corporate Reunion (a complicated subject, which can be found discussed in Anson’s study of episcopi vagante, BISHOPS AT LARGE, esp. pp. 66-90. We had some discussions I found not very convincing. Last I had read, on line, he had left that group, shortly after he was posting here, and become a RC layman. Apparently he is back on an older track.

You can search his name here for his posts.


I am guessing they don’t accept the FC where it states the pope is the antichrist.

You may rely on that.


Apparently not. They really seem like people who should just convert to Catholicism and have done with it. They want to be subject to the Roman Pontiff and the Magisterium, they affirm the Catholic councils up to and including Vatican II, I mean, they really don’t need an organization as much as they simply need to join the one they’re already displaying such allegiance to. It would be more honest of them to just reject the Lutheran Confessions wholesale and enter the Catholic Church.

I typed the name, but could find no posts… :confused:

I checked. He posted as IAGladfelter. Try that.


Sounds like they need to be Chemnitzed and Chemnitzed hard.

Try not to worry too much about the possibility of this group becoming Catholic, Lutheran Scholar. :eek:

As terrible as it might seem to you (that they want to join up with Rome), I don’t see any indication that it’s going to happen anytime soon, if ever. In other words, I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it, if I were you.

Why would that be terrible to me? If the Church is where the Word is properly proclaimed and the Sacraments correctly administered, anybody should be able to attend any church that the Holy Spirit leads them to. FWIW, this Lent, I wanted to prove to myself that the Holy Spirit led me to the doors of an LCMS church. I put upon myself an almost undoable task of avoiding certain social media that I had gotten addicted to and for forty days I abstained. That was my particular confirmation that I was in the right place. That includes the Catholic Church. The politics of the whole thing, hierarchy versus a modified congregational church government arranged into districts, is absolute adiaphora to me. If they would join with others in allegiance to Rome, if that makes them better Christians, then more power to them. Simply because I’m a serious Lutheran who fits in right where I am doesn’t mean that I have a bone to pick with Catholicism. I wouldn’t steal Catholic sheep any more than I would expect Catholics to steal Protestant sheep. I hope that the people of that group get what God knows that they need, in whatever group His Spirit is active in.

Martin Chemnitz was a hero. He kept the Lutheran Church from sliding into Melanchthonian compromise and helped greatly to solidify the Lutheran Confessions. God grant these fellows of the Augustana Church the direction that they need, or if they’re happy where they are, may He give them peace.

Got it, GKC. Thank you.

You are welcome.


(emphasis added)

How does one qualify as a Lutheran? (Not that I’m looking to become one, just seeking to understand.) This link’ll go into the hows and wherefores of Lutheran membership and this link goes into Church doctrine: No Lutheran will say that you must be a Lutheran to get into Heaven, but these links and of course the official link’ll get you into fuller detail of the Confessions, polity, etc, of the Lutheran Church- Missouri Synod. For what it’s worth, I was received after taking the Lutheran classes for about a month after four months of attendance and participation when I was in Jacksonville, FL. That reception involved taking some ***extremely serious ***vows. I took those vows again when I transferred to my parish here at home. This is what we recited rather than signed before the

Thanks. That’s actually even more answer than I needed … But I remain skeptical that the group in question is “Lutheran”.

(Then again, they also have “Catholic” in their name, and I’m skeptical that they are Catholic. :hmmm:)

I share that dual skepticism.

I try to be as thorough as possible when I share information about anything… you should see the data I’ve collected on my family history. :smiley:

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