Augustine on prayers to martyrs

“ there is an ecclesiatical discipline , as the faithful know , when the names of the martyrs are read aloud in that place at the altar of God , where prayer is not offered for them . Prayer , however , is offered for other dead who are remembered. For it is wrong to pray for a martyr , to whose prayers we ought ourselves to be commended .”

Ad 400 Augustine of hippo , sermon 159, no.1, in FEF 3:29, no.1513. Pg 339 Four Witnesses by rod bennett

Hi , as i read this in Four Witnesses , i could not understand the last 2 sentences. “For it is wrong …to be commended.” Could someone guide me to what it means?

Regrets…haven’t a clue…hoping someone will answer you. Would like to understand it too.

Basically he is saying that martyrs are definitely in heaven, and there is no need to pray for them. Rather, we should be asking them for prayers.

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