Aunt & Her Unborn Baby Who Is Endangered


Sorry I haven’t been around.

Could you please pray for my aunt and her unborn baby? There is something wrong that is endangering the baby and it has gotten worse. This is her second child and she is in her early 40s.

God’s will be done.


I will pray for their intentions.


May Our Blessed Mother keep watch over both.


Saint Gianna and Saint Gerard, look after this baby and her mother, and keep them both safe. In Jesus name, Amen.


With my prayers - Joe


:byzsoc: :crossrc:


They’re in my prayer. :gopray:


I’ll pray for them.


May God protect this Mom and Baby and make them healthy and safe during the pregnancy, labor, and delivery at full term. Amen.


Implore the saints and St. Jude for difficult causes. May both mom and baby be safe and healthy and may the family be calmed and consoled by God’s loving compassion. Amen.


**Praying for your aunt and her baby!:gopray: **


:gopray2: I will pray for your aunt, and baby.

God Bless,



Hello Diego , I can imagine the pain she must be feeling through this experience . Lord come to Diego’s aunt’s rescue and her unborn baby 's rescue and do a healing from head to toe in the aunt and in this beautiful new unborn child ! Father bless and heal both and make them whole ! Father let this be a healthy pregnancy for mother and child ! Thank you Father , in the name of Jesus , amen . / John


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