Aurora theater shooting victims harassed by conspiracy theorists

These conspiracy theorists remind me of the Westboro Baptist Church. They are both idiots.

I hope the victims sue these people for millions.

I have seen some self-described Christians question whether the Aurora and Newtown shootings were staged by the Obama administration. I think I have seen some such posts on this very forum.

I don’t trust any government that has no problem using tax money to destroy fetuses.

Sandy Hook conspiracy theorists have been harassing the families connected to that shooting as well.

Salon is still around? Not even a real news source.

So if someone questions a mass shooting, an abortion loving government and president someone’s Christianity is in question? Are you the arbitrator of who’s a Christian and who is not?

I don’t see the president crying over all the aborted babies being slaughtered everyday.

Abortion is one evil, mass shootings another. If someone doesn’t have a problem with mass shootings of children, then they lose all credibility even on abortion. Their moral compass is obviously non-existent. Obviously their “concern” over abortion policies is not based on Christian love and justice but on something else. “If you don’t love your brother whom you have seen, how can you love God whom you have not seen?” Similarly, if someone doesn’t love the children they see walking around them, they don’t have any love for an unborn baby.

It isn’t a source I would ordinarily cite, but the article does have quite a few links in it. News coverage of conspiracy theories tends to be infrequent, so sometimes it is a matter of taking what is out there and giving it a look.

But are doubting that harassment of the families is happening, or simply saying that you don’t care for Salon?

I hate the mass murder of children, but as certain saints have stated, abortion is something worse than murder. Many people don’t understand that fact. I am not denying any harassment has taken place, but I would not put anything past this government in terms of evil.

If you are a pro-choice Catholic you have no credibility on any issue.

I am not “pro-choice” in any way, shape or form. However, my concern for life does not end at birth.


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