Aussie underwear has gone bananas

Aussie underwear has gone bananas

SYDNEY (Reuters Life!) - Australian underwear company AussieBum has been monkeying around and the result is a range of men’s underwear made with bananas.

The new eco-friendly banana range of undies incorporates 27 percent banana fiber, 64 percent cotton and 9 percent lycra, AussieBum’s Lloyd Jones said on Friday.

The banana fiber used in the underwear is made from a bark weave from the banana plant and makes the underwear not only lightweight, but also very absorbent, he said. “Naturally you can’t really add anymore banana fiber than that because it might be a bit squishy,” said Jones, adding that wearers did not have to worry about real monkeys, as the underwear does not smell like a banana.

(Reporting by Amy Pyett; Editing by Miral Fahmy)

what, no pictures? :smiley: sounds kind of neat.

They come in two styles. One is basically a bikini bottom.

The other has only slightly more fabric.

I’m sorry for the small size of the images. You can see the underwear close up if you visit the company’s website, but I won’t post the link because it shows the underwear being worn by a model, up close. I think its too immodest for CAF.

Sounds like an opportunity to recycle the old joke about American Express Cheques being stolen. Two Australians on holiday in SE Asia suddenly find all their underwear is missing, and go running to their tour guide.

Aussies - “Mr Wong! Mr. Wong! Some monkeys stole all our banana fiber underwear and we haven’t got any left!!”

Mr. Wong - “Oh, don’t worry. I’m sure we can fix this. What sort were they? AussieBum?”

Aussies - “No! Brown ones with red backsides!!”

I feel tempted to make that joke about a banana in the pocket. :blush:

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