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My idea or concept is being outlined on the above link at Phatmass Phorum in the Vocations Forum.

It is a concept that has long been in my mind and is for lay celibate single women only at this point.and with spiritual direction by a priest and superior in his religious order with experience as novice master. Catholic divorced women with or without an annulment who have never remarried would be accepted, dependant of course on circumstances. I have been living this same way of life for 30 years now. Under a previous director (priest theologian and lecturing in our seminary then)and in my early years, a rule of life was written but then left on a bus stop and lost. My now director feels I will bring more experience to the table by writing a Rule of Life 30 years further down the line of living the life - and he is quite right.

At this point, I am really only looking for one of two single celibate South Australian women to live the life with me. A standard type of attire will be worn as well as secular clothing retained. Initially, it would be best if these women lived the life and rule in their own home with regular meetings with me. In my residence here, I can accommodate in bedrooms two others, other than me. We would have a community room and an oratory. Hopefully, if I can get it off the ground, I can apply to have the Blessed Eucharist in residence, but this would be down the line - and providing I can get things RIGHT off the ground. If I can find one or two women to live the life with me, standard dress would only apply once we form a live-in community.

I have grounds sufficiently large and beautifully developed so that we can find solitude for each other.

It needs to be noted that I am not looking to form a religious order as we traditionally know them. My concept would retain our status as lay people and the standard dress or attire would not be a religious habit per se, but standard attire nonetheless with secular clothing retained (makeup and light jewellery) if desired to cover and blend in to any venue whatsoever we might choose to attend. However, the wide band sterling silver commitment band and sterling silver cross on a leather thong is worn at all times regardless, including with secular attire. This is my current stipulation or rule for myself.

I feel I probably chose the wrong title for this thread!

I know I did! Not to worry, everything unfolds as God intends.

Anyone wanting to find out more information about this vocation can click onto the links in the quotation box below which are in a post HERE into another Catholic discussion site, Phatmass Phorum:

[FONT=Calibri][size=2]My primary interest is of course insight into my own vocation – “Bethany” – or Bethanite it has occurred to me. Anyone interested in finding out what it is all about can click onto the following links and comment in those links. The Rule of Life mentioned in my previous post is the Rule of Life for Bethany.[/size]

I do desire to have a working knowledge of The Church generally and this includes the various vocations. This is partly my response to The Church’s urgings and to the laity to become evangelizers. I have theories about this formation into evangelization, one of which is knowledge of our subject i.e. The Church and Jesus who founded Her and is The Head of His Mystical Body, The Church, and our King, for one title only.

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