Austin Harrouff


Has anybody read the details about the Florida college student who suddenly went psychotic and attacked a retired couple in their garage, eating the face of the husband. Police said that he was abnormally strong and grunted like an animal at them. It took multiple police officers and a dog to finally get him off the victim.

Just based on this evidence, it seems like he was demonically possessed?? I have not heard any Church or news outlets possibly attribute this attack to demonic possession. They are saying instead it was a drug called Flaka?..I don’t think so.



I had the same thought. I usually don’t entertain that type of speculation but this is just too weird. He wasn’t doing any drugs at the time although it’s thought that he drank some type of chemical in the garage where he killed them.

The father said he has mental illness in the family so it’s probably schizophrenia or something.


There are a number of similar cases that stem from using synthetic drugs (bath salts/spice)


Sounds like some bath salts incidents I remember hearing about a few years ago.


I doubt synthetic drugs like Flaka can give someone abnormal strength.


I read online that he could bench press 360-380lbs. Add the adrenalin, and there’s the ‘‘abnormal strength’’ for you.

I’ve been following this case, it’s mind-boggling. This was the last vid he uploaded days before the This is Austin Harrouff calmly leaving the restaurant where he was having lunch with his mom, sister, dad, and dad’s girlfriend about an hour before he went on a rampage.


Flakka causes terrible hallucinations, paranoia and psychosis.
Why do you imagine an adrenaline rush is not included?


The tests for flakka have either been inconclusive or they haven’t come back yet. i imagine someone trying to kill someone is having an adrenaline rush regardless. And that guy was/is VERY strong to begin with. He also said to the police that they weren’t going to find anything in his system. How in touch with reality he was when he said that remains to be determined.


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