Austin Police Release Video of Officer Throwing Black Woman to Ground 😦


[quote=ABC News]Two Austin Police Department officers are now under investigation after dash-cam video shows one of the officers throwing a black woman to the ground during a traffic stop. A second video taken from inside the police car after the woman was arrested shows another officer suggesting to the woman that black people have “violent tendencies” and that’s “why a lot of white people are afraid of them.”

Although the incident occurred in June 2015, Austin’s police chief Art Acevedo said that it only came to his attention on Tuesday, when Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg called him and advised him that a reporter from the Austin American-Statesman was working on a story on the incident.


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Who is responsible for perpetuating the ongoing linguistic segregation of people into classes of either “black” or “white”?
And why?


In this case it would be a police officer. Presumably because he’s racist.


There are policeman out there who are racist, and like these officers demonstrated, have made every colored person guilty of something.


I just can’t believe it, so I’m praying my heart out for all involved…

Lord, have mercy.
Christ, have mercy.
Lord, have mercy.

Come, Lord Jesus, come and make it right! Amen


As a 14 year police patrol vet let me be a trained, experienced voice here. Not a reactionary ad hominim voice.

This video shows nothing objectively right or wrong. The legal standard for police action is detailed out in Graham v Connor and is called “objective reasonableness.” In a basic sense, this standard tests an officer’s actions against what a “reasonable” officer would do in the same situation with the same knowledge the officer had.

The action the officer performed is called a ‘decentralization.’ This is a very low use of force on most state’s continuums.

Things to note: the woman is resisting. I observed her take at least one swing at the officer as he is setting up the decentralization. When she is on the ground the two things I immediately noted is 1) the officer is NOT putting his full weight on her and 2) she is resisting with all her strength.

The video shown is so edited as to be almost useless for anyone to determine what actually happened. The Vultures, aka the media, edited it to ONLY give us the most controversial details.

This reminds me of a video several years ago out of Cincinatti where the Vulture edited movie only showed when the officers used force on a male. When the full video was viewed it was the subject who started calling the officers racist names, took a boxing stance, told the officers he was going to kick their butts and then attacked the officers.

To try to make any kind of determination based on this video is futile. We do not know what happened before the video started. We don’t know the female’s actions prior to the officer use of force, except even the Vultures state she became “upset.”

And, most important to any legal determination, we don’t know the officer’s mindset and decision making process leading up to the use of force.

Please remember that “resisting an unlawful arrest” is NOT a legal defense.

The problem with video is viewers automatically assume a mind-set of the actors that may or may not be true.

This is blatenty obvious by the comments that immediately call the officer “bigotted” and “racist.” If one draws this conclusion based off this video that person is what they are accusing the officer of, in point of fact.

Please also note that no one has produced a study using the official FBI collected statistics showing this alledged police racism bias.

Even IF this was shown in statistics, it would be a logical fallicy to assume this would be due to officers. There are other possibilities including a possible disparity in crimes committed by different groups - do not assume you know what groups I’m talking about.


Prove it. Studies please.


Prove it. Please show me the study or statistics that prove this.


If this is “Just Defense” as defined in CCC 2265 then the officer would be acting for the greater good, even if it looks ugly.


Black people are more violent than white people on a per capita basis. Approximately 50% of murder victims nationally are black people and over 90% of their killers are fellow black people. The leading cause of death for a black male between 15-30 is murder by another black male.

As for the media, the video of the Baton Rouge shooting quickly moved to the feet of the criminal before shots were fired. In the St. Paul shooting the video started after the shooting with a woman narrating in a calm voice even though she sat next to a man that was just shot. Then the media reported her assessment as if it was fact.


Uh, you don’t need a study or statistics to prove someone is racist when that person characterizes an entire race as violent. That’s textbook racism.


Amazing thread…I would say it was amusing if it weren’t so sad.




I get it, Poor Knight…that’s why I’m praying my heart out for all involved…you have to admit there is a perception problem. I’m for truth, justice and the American way. It’s just that America is sick right now…


Did you hear that calm voice too? I wondered about that… I would have been screaming my head off… where did that come from?
P.S. those are sad, sad statistics… Praying for all. Dear Father, we are all praying for peace… Amen


Presumably, the head of the police department has a copy of the whole video as well as experience working with those officers. What was his response to the situation?


There’s a Chris Rock video “How Not to Get Your A-- Beat by the Police” which I won’t link due to profanity.
This woman violated three of Rock’s rules: use common sense, obey the law, be polite. All she had to do was sit in her car and wait for the cop to write her ticket like any normal person would do.
I’ve posted a lot criticizing cops but she was resisting and no matter what the “optics” look like the officer seems to have kept things to the minimum level necessary to subdue her.

As for his remarks, I have no idea if he is racist but I think everyone is prejudiced and our prejudices are backed up by confirmation bias. If officers spend all day responding to crimes in the black community all day every day they may perceive that’s all there is.

I worked almost 30 years at a shelter for homeless families. Some clients worked hard to put their lives back together and others were just takers scamming the system as much as they could. I have no idea how the statistics break down but guess which were more memorable?


It’s easy to write off imperfect Black victims of police vioence. There are always mitigating factors used to besmirch our character and criticize our behavior that make it harder for us to be presented as ‘worthy’ victims. Whatever we do or say, or don’t do or don’t say, we are somehow deserving of police violence.

Through legal, media, and moral lenses, this is exactly how black women are repeatedly dismissed, ignored, and disqualified from being fully human and worthy of inclusion and justice when they are beaten, raped, and killed by the police.

Though Black women are leading the Black Lives Matters Movement, it is the deaths and abuses of Black men that evoke the most outcry in our community. Miriam Carey, Kayla Moore, Shelly Frey, Michelle Cusseux, Mya Hall, and Alexia Christian all died in police custody during the same timeframes as black men whose deaths dominate national news, but their names hardly register.

America has severe empathy deficit when it comes to black women. Like the Austin police chief, I am sickened and saddened by the violence inflicted on Ms. King. I hope she is able to find some measure of justice for what was done to her.


America has severe empathy deficit when it comes to black women. Like the Austin police chief,

Yes, all that pandering and affirmative action on the basis of race and gender (ie how people look) is so terrible for them!

Let me guess: all those liberal protesters show how much they “care” through vandalism and by shutting down interstate traffic, right? :rolleyes:


Untrue. That would be “text book” stereotyping. By primary definition (Webster’s) racism is an action based on the belief that one race is better or worse than another.

By this video, at the time of the use of force, we can no more judge the officer to be “racist” as we can the subject. You are applying your own mindset to the situation.

The statements made afterward may or may not have been on his mind at the time of the use of force.

Her thoughts about white police officers should be questioned as much as his.

Would you care to judge her mindset on her actions of resisting and taking at least one swing at a Law Enforcement Officer?

God Bless, :signofcross:
Poor Knight

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