Australia: "Catholic Archbishop: 'Powerful Interests' Are Attacking Christians, 'Cast Us As Public Enemy No. 1'"

“We cannot take the freedom to hold and practice our beliefs for granted even here in Australia, any more than the Russians could one century ago.”

“‘Powerful interests now seek to marginalize religious believers and beliefs, especially Christian ones, and exclude them from public life,’ said Archbishop Fisher. ‘They would end funding to faith-based schools, hospitals and welfare agencies, strip us of charitable status and protections, cast us as ‘Public Enemy No. 1.’"


That’s been taken care of now. It wasn’t just prevalent in the Catholic Church, it was in so many secular and various religious denominations.

And yes it was horrendous.

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What’s the point of your post?

What are you trying to say

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This is a blog item written about a Homily. It’s not really newsworthy. It’s not written by the Archbishop himself. Therefore it’s hearsay.

Are we to post blogs on homilies on CAF.

im just saying that trying to play the victim after being found pulling this for decades is pathetic. it’s disgusting when anyone does that kind of thing, but the last time i checked, schools aren’t on a mission from god

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That child sex abuse is more rampant regarding other religions (including secular society) than it is in Roman Catholicism.

Are you worried about exposing the Australian left?

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The Catholic Church in Australia is certainly not playing victim. If you lived here you would know that.

It happened, it’s acknowledged, and the recommendations of the Royal Commission are being considered.


this whole article is about an archbishop crying because people dont trust the church. he’s trying to turn it into a war on christians instead of a reaction to things church officials have done

Super Luigi,

Read this very carefully, In one school in my Diocese, in one grade,

Every single child was abused by clergy and laity associated with clergy.

Please do not make less of this then what it was.

In Australia we are saying yes it happened, yes it was horrendous, yes it destroyed lives.

This has nothing to do with American politics. And if you understood Australian politics, you would know being liberal in Australia is very different, in fact it’s the opposite of being liberal in the states


The whole article is not written or condoned by the archbishop himself. It’s written by someone in his blog, about a Homily.

Firstly it’s hearsay, secondly we won’t have context.

And you are right. Trust in the Church is severely decimated here. But not only the Catholic Church.
In all institutions.

Just this week Historic sex abuse in the fire brigade has come to light.

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A preceding poster wrote: “This is a blog item written about a Homily. It’s not really newsworthy. It’s not written by the Archbishop himself. Therefore it’s hearsay.
Are we to post blogs on homilies on CAF.”

However, this was post was not put into a news forum, where items from blogs are not allowed. It was put into the spirituality forum at Catholic answers."

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Pedophilia was thought to be curable at one point, so a lot of priests were sent to therapy instead of removed from pastoral work. What we know now wasn’t so obvious back then.


It’s not ok to post hearsay. It’s not ok to post blog articles and attribute them as accurate.

It’s not ok to take homilies out of context.


That doesn’t disprove anything I posted.

Also, none of the children abused nor you yourself have any extra moral authority on the matter to attack the Roman Catholic Church, which is the only One, True Faith.

Actually, here, at that time, we knew it wasn’t curable. It’s only 20 to 40 or 50 years ago.

These clergy were moved around rather then face the law.

It’s doing the survivors a great injustice to excuse that response by the Church. In the 80s. We knew it wasnt curable.

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No , I am attacking your response which is to say, well look here , everyone else , in other places did it too.

That’s not the response my Bishop would ever employ, and he is left to clean up this mess. So his responses and actions and words are more in line with the Church, then yours there.

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That’s right, Rose. Other religions, including Islam, have members who are just as guilty.

So you’re just guessing then?

Sounds to me like the response won’t satisfy you no matter what it is.

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