Australia ceases multimillion-dollar donations to controversial Clinton family charities


AUSTRALIA has finally ceased pouring millions of dollars into accounts linked to Hillary Clinton’s charities.
Which begs the question: Why were we donating to them in the first place?



:eek: - oh NO!

Whom else could you give multimillion dollar donations to – that would be anywhere near “as good”? :crying:


Well, that is pretty obvious, the Clintons are no longer in a position of power… in short, no ‘return’ on their investment.


No may play, so why pay?


Good point! What if the Foundation dries up?!


Somehow, the clintons will get by…


… still a life of ease is the prediction.


I wonder what the price of a Bill Clinton speech is now. Of course, some might still be contracted, but they’ll be trying to wiggle out of it if so.


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