Australia father charged with abusing surrogate twins, report says


Aon, who lives in Phetchabun province north of Bangkok, said she agreed to use her own eggs, was paid about Aus$5,500 (US$5,122) and gave birth to twins some years ago. The report did not specify the age of the children.

The Australian couple took the children home, but court documents reveal that the father, who cannot be named, was last year charged with indecently dealing with them, the ABC said.

The man, who reportedly denies the allegations which also include the alleged possession of child abuse material, is expected to fight the charges when they come before court later this year.

Commercial surrogacy is illegal in Australia, but growing numbers of people are travelling to countries such as India and Thailand to engage women to carry their babies.

Gay men often use surrogates too. I feel sorry for these very" poor:" mothers who see this as a way to help their own children.


When a child is seen as an object of purchase already before birth, will there be a hope that genuine fatherhood will somehow bloom later on? Children as commodities is the root of the evils visited upon the innocent children in this tragic case. It is well known that perps of sex crimes have completely objectified their vics. These children were his. He bought them for his wife so they were already objectified in his mind. It was stated that he’d been convicted of sex crimes against children in the past, so it was inevitable that without help, he’d simply repeat the same types of crimes elsewhere and that is exactly what happened. The actual age of the children when he committed his crimes against them is irrelevant. **They were children **** still **and sexually assaulted by a man.



What does this story have to do with gay men? Gay men often use toothbrushes as well.


I have seen a number of sories and the story of the two Australian dads who molested their son just came to my mind. It was one of most tragic stories as this child was molested from infancy by them and countless others as they traveled with him.

If a person has pedophile tendences no matter what your orientation, children should not be anywhere near that person.

That is what I was alluding to and many couples now can go to these" poor" nations and become parents by surrogates with little background check.


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