Australia gets 2 year sentence to UN Security Council

It appears Australia has won it’s bid to be appointed to the UN Security Council. The attached link is more of a “Letters to the Editor” style page rather than a direct news article.

I haven’t given it much thought to be honest, but I think we’ve made a bad decision to get involved in what could be a very volatile time in history.

Any comments by anybody more knowledgeable on the UN Security Council?

Watching the UNSC used to be part of my job. It’s like being on the student council at school. It looks like you’re in the decision-making process, but not really.

Thanks for your comment. I tend to vote labour myself, but I wondered about the wisdom of this particular jaunt into foreign affairs.

The attached link is a comment by a former conservative senator in Australiand politics, and he confirmed what you said ie. the permanent council make the rules and policies, not the temporary members.

We’d be too small to have much effect. And Minchin was right - we should be emphasising the South West Pacific area in our own foreign policy.

I also have a peculiar pet theory that we should be developing much closer ties with Japan. I think it’s time the Japanese were not so constrained in their defence policies. They’re not the Bushido people of yesteryear, but they are one of the world’s most technologically developed nations.

I have a personal fondness for Oz, brought on by an overdose of Neighbors and Flying Doctors when we were living in Britain, and by an appreciation of the ANZAC role in WWII. However, modern Australian foreign policy is not my strong suit. That said, I think you (and Minchin) have a pretty good grasp on where your government’s focus should be :thumbsup:

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