Australia: how to say NO I don't think that is funny

Hi People

I am going to make this short and sweet.

What was the joke: (Rhys Bonita Revelations)

How to say yeah I can take a joke but that isn’t funny and I arn’t going to cop that.


Clicking on the first link gives you a message that the content is viewable only from Australia. We can’t see it here in the U.S.


I normally love Sleek Geeks, but wasn’t impressed by it.

I could see the intent behind it (as an absurdist bit of humour, contrasting the kids-show style of presentation with the graphic details of Revelation).

IMHO it fell very flat, but from memory there wasn’t anything terribly offensive about it, except inasmuch as the whole thing makes light of that part of Scripture.

Apart from the last line - a comment about the idea of Satan being released and Armageddon ensuing ‘sounding like fun’. That stuck in my craw.

Mind you - ‘fornication - that’s people who listen to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ is just a classic line. :rotfl:

For the sake of the folks in the rest of the world, why don’t you upload it to youtube? Just take your cellfone camera and set it on a table in front of your 'puda monitor to record the video, and upload the file to youtube.

On the other hand, please don’t.
It’s bad enough that we have another loose canon in the world causing havoc.
Don’t ask because I won’t say in case you don’t already know!
And I don’t watch the show…
And a lot of us Aussies are good and responsible people, aren’t we, Lily!

:yup: mind you, we absolutely suck at cricket at the moment :bighanky:

If the good folks in the US are denied access to the video, it’s because of copyright issues or some such. As a lawyer I can’t condone the breaching of said law, nor take part in it. That way lies anarchy.

So go make yerself a cuppa (that’s a tea or coffee) and let us Orstrayans discuss our own media issues.

Thanks for the laugh, and shush about the cricket. We don’t want everyone to know, do we? :D!!!

Um…since the vast majority of CAF is Americans, how do you think we do at cricket? :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Thanks for the comments

As it turns out somebody has posted it on youtube:

The station also allows it to be downloaded.

To explain further I was flicking through the channels and came across the show for the first time and the show was part way through. I started to enjoy it because I don’t have a problem with real science and I thought it was interesting. As side bar it is interesting that allot of the scientific discoveries that scientist hold so dear were founded by Catholics (Georges Lemaître & Gregor Johann Mendel) it reminds me of the game follow the leader (also found in Exodus).

I would have found the reference to the red hot chilli pepers funny had my intelligence not been insulted.

What’s eating my grape about this has more layers then the onion I dissected back in high school fortunately we don’t need a microscope to analysis all this just some basic logic which was lacking in this show.

I don’t think the bible should have been mentioned at all the connection between the topic of the show and the book of revelation was just a cheap shot at Christians during Christmas. Apparently the purpose of the program was to distinguish fact from error however the passage was never presented in a professional manner or interpreted in the manner intended by the author or the institution that determined it to be divinely inspired. That is an error. In addition it was read by someone who as no professional academic qualifications to make such interpretations. Yet another error.

I don’t even know where to start with the play school act but to say that they are the five year olds who need to stop jumping around like monkeys playing in primordial mud and reach out for real science and not the lowest form of comedy if you would even call it that.

This program does a massive disservice to real science, has insulted Christians during Christmas for zero reason and zero gain, and embarrassed the ABC.

It nothing less then the highest form of disgrace.

The first three or four minutes were quite amusing. My download speed is so slow that I didn’t have the patience to see the rest. I do like that sort of humour that skirts with science - which is what I understand the show is about. The presenters are well known science presenters here in Australia.

That is unfortunate though that they had to bring Revelation and religion into it.

**It’s a great conscience salve for those who have made up their minds that they choose sin. **

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