Australia launches first armed combat mission against Isis in Iraq

Planes apparently set off for northern Iraq but did not strike targets, chief of defence force says

I am sure this is significant, but I do not understand news. Is Australia’s deployment of offensive force unusual? Is it unusual that a combat mission did not strike its target?

They probably couldn’t locate a suitable target. Remember there is zero targeting support from the ground and most ISIS targets are mobile. Also there are very strict rules of engagement in place to try and avoid civilian casualties.

Australia has launched its first armed combat mission against Islamic State (Isis) in Iraq, but did not strike any targets.

The chief of the Defence force, Mark Binskin, confirmed the strike on Twitter and said the planes had returned safely to base.

But he said no munitions had been expended.

Not sure whats being said. They took off from where, and landed back at the same location?

Yes, that seems to be the case. The OP article cites another news outlet which reported:

Australian authorities in the forward operating base in the United Arab Emirates said the jets returned to base without using any bombs because while they were in the air awaiting directions on a target, no directive came through.

It’s important because if the whole world denounces ISIS, then the terrorists lose even more credibility and find themselves fighting multiple opponents.

We need to keep up the pressure on them! :thumbsup:

Sounds like Dad’s Army, and totally incompetent, we need to get those jihadist’s for everyone’s sake

They were most likely looking for targets of opportunity ,but none were found,

While it may look like Dad’s Army, the man reason seems to be that the ISIS fighters have merged into suburban areas.

Former Army chief Peter Leahy said Islamic State fighters had dispersed and melted away into urban areas, making them a “much harder target”.

Now its a case of** who** is going to put boots on the ground?

I suppose it also makes sense to get a sense of the lay of the land so that pilots get an understanding of roads, towns etc and what is normal and what might be considered as a possible military makeshift base or supply facilities.

I think so, this is what I was getting at above…

“The mission obviously will have many iterations. This is the first.”

So they are there for the duration and operating out of the United Arab Emirates. :thumbsup:

Sounds reasonable to me. No target no bombing. Whats the point of blowing up a empty building?

Especially when you consider the costs of smart bombs etc. We fly F-18 hornets and buy US made weaponry.

Cost of Sidewinder Missile derivatives - EACH

$300,000–$400,000 for 120C variants • $1,786,000(FY2014) for 120D[1] Variants AIM-120A, AIM

$300,000–$400,000 for 120C variants

$1,786,000(FY2014) for 120D[1]

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