Australia put on internet watch list

A TOP media rights watchdog has listed Australia along with Iran and North Korea in a report on countries that pose a threat of internet censorship.
Paris-based media rights group Reporters Without Borders (RSF) today put Australia and South Korea on its list of countries “under surveillance” in its “Internet Enemies” report.

Australia was listed for the Government’s plan to block access to websites featuring material such as rape, drug use, bestiality and child sex abuse. Critics say the plan is a misguided measure that will harm civil liberties.
Yup According to France. Australia is now as “evil” as Burma, China, North Korea, Iran and Vietnam . Because the Government is going to ban access to websites that features rape, drug use, bestiality and child sex abuse.

Boy - I wish our country would get on that list and ban access to “material such as rape, drug use, bestiality and child sex abuse”

Good for Australia. Maybe there’s 1 country left in this world that has some commonsense.

Don’t underestimate how bad internet censorship can be. Next it’ll be pictures of aborted babies because “people don’t want to look at that”. Pretty quickly it’ll be speech that is “anti-patriotic” like communist China.

No, however bad the stuff on the internet is, internet censorship always ends up being a bad thing.

Um, sorry, but yes, that kind of fith NEEDS to be censored! Pictures/videos of rape and child abuse have no business on the internet, and anybody that thinks it does is just plain sick! Thats why we have so many women and children being raped and murdered, because sickos have access to this smutt. I think all pornographic material should be outlawed, it destroys peoples lives. I’ve seen that first hand.
I applaud Australia for this and hope they don’t let some sick group deter them from their efforts to clean up the internet.

I’m glad Australia is censoring all that stuff. There’s no need for it on the Internet or any type of media for that matter. Every country should work to censor those inappropriate materials—that certainly would be a step in the right direction.

So banning these sites is going to lead to all that how? Has banning movies or magazines with that content lead to massive restrictions on free speech? Movies/magazines with that content has been banned In Australia for years. Don’t see anyone running around waving little Mao books or waving red flags. Another thing that Australia has done that might earn it more condemnation from the world of free press and artistic movements. It has banned artist using images of naked children. It is now illegal for an artist to take photos, etc of naked minors and call it art

And thank God for that!!!

Because it already has.

Heck, that too all of 2 seconds to google. Yes I agree, all that stuff in the OP is evil and bad. But it really doesn’t take much to jump to “things people find offensive”. For that they’ll just have to ask our human rights kangaroo courts what to ban.

The website isn’t in trouble for showing those pics. It’s under investigation because of the activities its been under taking. The fact i can still get access to those pictures. In “two” clicks proves that noone is being banned from seeing them. And it still doesn’t mean that Australia is going to end up like china or nrth korea because of these new laws.

Please clarify, are you in Australia and able to see those pictures?

hmmm… reading that article at the link you provided I can see how you got that impression. But at the bottom of the article, it states that Australia is in a different category than China, North Korea, Iran etc. Those countries are classed as having active problems with Internet censorship, whereas Australia’s plan has the organization worried that problems might develop.

The organization isn’t concerned that bestiality and pedophilia will be blocked. They are concerned that good sites will be blocked in the process. Here are their concerns: sites will be blacklisted by a government agency without any oversight or openness. The idea of “inappropriate content” is a slippery concept and might expand without warrant. And the current technology for filtering accidentally blocks legitimate sites.

I’m not sure the organizations suggestions are very realistic (better law enforcement? The internet is notoriously vaporous.) And I am not sure that the Australian plan is necessarily bad. I just wanted to clarify what the organization has said and what their concerns are.

The problem is that in order to ban these things Australia is putting together a framework that will make future censorship of things that aren’t necessarily bestiality or rape easy, and this has people worried.

Either way, people who are evil enough to commit rape and make videos will do it anyway. They can form groups and e-mail the videos to each other. It won’t really stop that kind of thing.

Yeah i live in Aus. And i can still see those pictures and visit the website.
I don’t know why they will bother to put Australia under “surveillance”. Not as if the majority of Aus citizens care what an org in Europe thinks. This is a democratic country. And the government is doing what the majority wants. Last i heard that’s how a democracy works. I honestly can;t see Australians cringing with embarrassment,covering up our faces and go skulking off into the night,because the face less man sees our Government as not conforming with their idealistic concept of what is right and wrong? And to be honest. If Australia ever does start listening to europe on what is wrong and right.Will be the saddest day in this country’s history.

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