Australia: Transgender Rights Activist Martine Delaney Drops Complaint Over Catholic Church's Marriage Booklet


In a story reported in the news internationally, after the Catholic Bishops of Australia published a popular booklet on marriage, which defended marriage as a union between a man and a woman, gay people in that country were angered and a transgender person made a legal complaint to the local “Anti-Discrimination Commission.” The commission then ordered the local bishop and the transgender activist to enter into conciliation. But when the Church refused to alter the booklet to the complainant’s satisfaction then, that person has now dropped the case as being a personal inconvenience. The transgender activist who had made the complaint is a man seeking public office who was married twice and now self-identifies and dresses as a woman.

For those interested, the Australian bishops booklet defending marriage, an easy-to-read defense of marriage as being between one man and one woman, can be seen at


Kudos to the Bishops for not giving in. You cannot give one iota to these activists or they will just push for more. There can be no compromise with them.

What is this Commission thing they have there? Seems like a breach of freedom of speech to me. I would refuse to participate in it next time just on the principle of it.


It is a breech in freedom of expression and speech, and in Canada, we too, have kangaroo courts (human rights commissions) that can force people to pay fines towards those that have been “offended”, i.e., pretty much anything that the complainant contends is hate speech.

p.s. Thankfully, the section regarding hate speech was taken out of the Canadian Human Rights Act.


I’m glad to hear that it was reported internationally, for it got NO coverage in our MSM, including our publicly funded national broadcaster, the ABC. So, while our freedom of speech was undergoing one of its most significant test cases the MSM was utterly silent. We will be having a plebiscite on SSM in the next year, and this case tested that it was even possible for the opponents to argue their case without being silenced for “hate speech”. It is possible that the MSM ignored the case in the hope that a dangerous precedent would slip through while the public were sleeping.

The case was bad for traditional marriage because the Anti-Discrimination Commissioner in Tasmania found that the Catholic Church had a case to answer for a booklet which simply stated a case against same sex marriage, with no offensive language, ie. just defending the current laws. The complainant’s case should have just been dismissed.

Still, overall this is very good news! :thumbsup::gopray2:


Thanks for the info.

Things are obviously headed that way in Australia. Good news about the amendment to your Human Rights Act.

We wait to see whether Australian laws will be strengthened to safeguard basic freedom of speech on SSM. This case was withdrawn by the complainant, but it is worrying that it ever proceeded.


The Anti-Discrimination Commission is a state body for Tasmania, but we have such bodies in most states. They are similar to the “Kangaroo Courts” another poster mentioned in Canada.

Yes, I felt the Bishop made a mistake in accepting he had a case to answer (from the Commissioner) and should have taken legal action at that stage to defend our freedom of speech.


We have now entered into the kind of world where young girls and their mothers are encountering half naked men in their change rooms. Their shock and discomfort mean nothing to society.
Who do we blame for this? Is it the bullying of the politically correct crowd, who will censure anyone who does not submit to the latest idea du jour as bigots, haters, and homophobic xenophobes?

Or has it been our own cowardice, as we meekly submit to one absurdity after another?


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