Australian Bishops Conference Response to Royal Commission into Historic Child Abuse


One hour approximately the response will be brought down.




bring on the government response…

this must mean the Magisterium said no



Trying to steal my Thunder? :frowning::wink:


I’m glad the Australian Bishops are holding their ground here.

I noticed that under 16.48 the following is said of confession

The hearing of confessions of groups of children is now normally done in the
open. CPSL is developing standards that respond to this recommendation. Each
diocese has or would need to develop local protocols.

Can someone explain what this is?


lol we must have posted at the same time. There is talk of a tribunal being set up to investigate bishops

chessnerd, wait a couple of hours, its being dissected on tv at the moment.

but the church has accepted 98% of the recommendations.


it will mean the way we do Reconciliation now, in a room with a glass door, with either a sheer curtain and a kneeler or facing the priest.

No more closed and secluded confessional boxes.


Thanks! I was more asking about the “groups of children” part. Hopefully they aren’t using general confession, right?


''However, the Catholic Church is seeking advice on creating new canons, one which would make child sex abuse a canonical crime, not a “moral failing”.

this first point is significant, the church moves into modern times here

‘It will also seek consultation on the commission’s recommendation that the pontifical secret — a requirement to deal with clerical sex abuse confidentiality — not be applied to child sex abuse.’’

and this
'The Church also said it would consider a recommendation from the commission on voluntary celibacy.

The ACBC said expert theological and canonical advice will be sought on changing canon laws so celibacy is not mandatory.’


no, it will be one by one, but probably sitting in a church. We do that already, everyone sits at the back and the priest up the front, the confessee, goes up and sits behind the priest


Interesting. Thanks for the info.

Edit: I’m being genuine. I don’t want to come off as terse or cold. Thanks :slight_smile:


there will be more over the weekend as the report response is discussed and dissected :slight_smile:

no worries chessnerd, we had the confessionals ripped out and open confession instituted a while ago. because of offending in the confessionals. And to apply a better safeguarding of children


heres the full response


The response from survivors is one of anger


It’s disappointing. They have not accepted 98% at all, the bits they can’t agree on (which is a lot) they are putting to the Holy See. But somehow counting that as acceptance.

We all know Rome can take years to make a decision.

As an Australian practising Catholic I feel let down.


They are deferring a % to the Holy See because the Royal Commission asked them to.

And they agree. Defer some things to the Holy See.



I think if it does in fact become law then one option the church has is have a disclaimer sign outside confessional boxes saying that any child abuses will be reported to the police.
That solves the problem I think?


It solves the problem much in the way that cutting off your legs rids you of a sore foot.

The Seal is inviolable. To break that undermines the purpose of Confession.

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