Australian Church to implement Lay Council

“The Australian Catholic Church has completed the first phase of its 2020 Plenary Council, in which laypeople will be allowed to vote and decisions could be binding on the nation’s Catholics, once ratified by the Vatican.”

I’m glad to see a Plenary Council–they have a real grounding in tradition and real authority, rather than the activities of bishops’ conferences which have ambiguous value.

I’m not seeing where it has been determined it will be a “Lay Council.” The article quotes the CEO of the SVDP saying he wants lay people to have votes with real power (deliberative votes), specifically more than half, but no where does the article say the Council is adopting his desire.

Canon law provides for lay delegates, but provides for them to have consultative votes, not deliberative votes (which is what the CEO seems to want), and they can’t exceed half of those with consultative votes.

Lay people being allowed to vote and this being a lay council where lay people have deliberative authority are two different things.


If accurate, this is a good first step.

I think they have to be careful that it does not get politicised with different factions vying for control.

If that happens then it will just become like a secular democracy and overtime it will inevitably lose respect especially if liberal secular forces see it as a vehicle for control.


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