Australian couple abandon surrogate twin with Down's syndrome - but keep his sister


Australian couple abandon surrogate twin with Down’s - but keep his sister


:mad: Repulsive

Pray for the couple, the children, and the surrogate mother


May our Blessed Mother watch over this child,
May God bless baby Gabby and the family who will love and care for her,
and may the biological parents experience a conversion of the heart which will bring them ever closer to the love and mercy of our Lord.


What a grim article. It’s hard to even fathom how people like this view life and the world.

I’m certain I’ll never be able to forget this story.

I’m praying….


The Australian columnist I read on this sad situation suggested that as the traditional bonds of marriage are being changed, then some feel the traditional responsibilities of marriage are also up for negotiation.


I’m not sure we can quite connect the discarding of this child with changed understandings of marriage.

As I consider it, the dramatic decline in births of Downs Syndrome children (discarding of downs babies) seems too great to exclude married couples who are choosing to kill their children in the womb.
In this particular situation, the married couple wanted the child carried by the surrogate mother to be aborted and she stood up and refused to kill the child.
I’m not seeing a link between this situation and a breakdown of traditional marriage.
I’ve read the link in the original post, but perhaps the post you have read offers more information.
May God bless us all.


I was told about this dreadful story yesterday,
Just once again shows how selfish people are, and how inept people are at accepting responsibility


The Australian Government should charge them with child abandonment. They are the lowest of the low.


Imagine the pain these children will feel when they’re old enough to grasp what was done to them. Ripping siblings apart is just an abomination.


I believe the decline in Downs Syndrome cases is due to the efficient use of folic acid by many during pregnancy, although the preventive link is not proven.


This is horrible. Picking and choosing which you want to live. It’s like that “design that baby” thing that some people are saying will be around in the future. It’s unfathomable how cruel people can be.


This has caused an outrage in Australia, with many saying it is un-Australian to leave such a baby behind. There is a massive donation of monies to support the surrogate mother who was only doing it due to her poverty. There is even talk of our government relaxing our strict immigration laws to bring this child and mother to Australia for a better life.
This public outcry says much that our national conscience is not dead, however in discussion amongst friends no-one can understand the heartless trafficking in babies this has unearthed.
Much good will come of this heart-rending example of the selfishness that is behind gender bias in birth and IVF procedures. This has woken the hearts of many Australians to the abuse of overseas adoption, and the need to relax our strict laws on adoption within this country.
May God bring good out of evil and may we offer our prayers and what support we can to the little baby left.


It sounds terrible when it’s about a surrogate child but it’s not much different from the way families often immediately institutionalized such children on the advice of their doctors in years past,


What appalled me aside from the fact that they abandoned their child, was the international surrogate scheme going on. Heartless couples go out of the country to prey on women in less than ideal economic situations and do this. They thought they had a right to use this woman? I think this practice should be abolished worldwide. I think it was the evil result of aborting millions (billions) of babies that made it a commodity. If you cannot have children, adopt or remain childless but don’t let it lead you to do something sinful.

Woman, you are not baby machines for hire!


Lord. have. mercy.
I have never had such strong feelings in hoping that couple are shamed for turning their backs on the baby.
These surrogates are in poverty and being exploited anyway.


I so wished that I could step in and adopt this child myself when I heard about this story yesterday. Hopefully the whole sorry saga can be redeemed by a groundswell of support for the child and his mother. I suspect that this type of thing goes on a lot more than we ever hear about in the media.


Now it is reported that the little baby is very ill in hospital. Our prayers should be for this little on and his mother.


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