Australian couple tells pope and cardinals how great sex life kept them together

Sex in marriage is vital in Australia. We are a small country and we need to breed like flies. Also a lot of us like it. I hope the Synod has discussions at a greater depth. It all seems somewhat banal so far. A debate on linguistics and new language will do nothing to engender doctrinal clarity, rather obfuscations that will confuse and belittle the debate. We must pray that the Holy Spirit provides the graces of Wisdom and Knowledge to our leaders in their acknowledgement of the charisms of the Sacrament of Marriage and the need to defend its sanctity against the linguistic wars of the gay lobby.



Sounds more like a commercial.

If you say so…. :rolleyes:

Heheheh. The first few sentences of this post made me chuckle.

I am a bit disturbed by (what seemed to be) the “welcome” the statement about the homosexual relationship received. Well heck yeah he’s your son, you better still love him, but that doesn’t mean you have to condone his disordered relationship.

Also, it’s possible that new language could help people understand some situations better, but the example they gave:

“Language such as ‘living in sin,’ ‘intrinsically disordered’ or ‘contraceptive mentality’ are not necessarily words that invite people to draw closer to Christ and the church,” he said, citing one intervention.

Well, there’s nothing wrong with that language, frankly. It seems to me that the Pirolas want language that will imply that these sins are being approved by the Church. If the “language” changes at all, I have confidence that it will still condemn the same things it does now, but will make it much more clear that the Church/God is merciful towards these people and they are still God’s children, and loved infinitely.

Let’s start a competition for the most titillating article title related to the Synod. This one is clearly in the lead right now.


:smiley: If I don’t laugh, I’ll cry!

Oh well, why not the base-ics?

Don’t worry too much, the talk that couple gave has been totally over-hyped. The vast majority of it was how they wanted clear teaching on things like Humanae Vitae, but of course the one sentence where they mentioned homosexuality got the headlines.

I’m waiting for words like “hard-liners”, “cadre”, “coup”, and “blistering” to show up. Also, at some point, something will have “rocked” the Church.

Edit: Oh, and how could I forget, the best one of all “Inquisition”

What about “Group patrimony stamps its all male decisions on a woman’s rights in marriage.”:smiley:

I realize that we have been living in an age of TMI. But now, people are telling the pope about their sex lives?

He’s a priest. I imagine he heard far worse in the confessional. Sexuality is a part of life and the Church has moral laws that govern it. I should hope all of those making decisions for the faithful actually hear from the faithful about what matters to them in daily life. This doesn’t seem like a case of “TMI” to me – they weren’t describing intimate details. Sex isn’t a dirty word.

This is a shameless society and I pray that the pope will have the wisdom to see it for what it is - the baser (bottom) side of the human condition without any enlightenment as to the holy aspects of sex as intended by God.

This is a couple in a sacramental marriage. How is it related to “the baser (bottom) side of the human condition without any enlightenment as to the holy aspects of sex as intended by God”?

When I was growing up, adults didn’t commonly talk about sex with their neighbors, friends, kids, or anyone else. It was considered a private matter. That did not keep the Church from having a detailed moral theology of sex. It just didn’t need to be a topic of casual conversation. Now, sex talk is all over TV, the internet, everywhere. I’m amazed at the amount of sex talk even on CAF. It seems that reticence is a vice, modesty is suspect, and excessive talk will solve everything. And yet, with all the sex talk, our sexual mores have not improved, but worsened.

I remember when everybody flipped out because Joel Osteen and his wife told the wives in their congregation to shop at Victoria’s Secret to keep their marriage spicy. (That is what they did, so they were just sharing a good tip.) :wink:

We are modernizing, no question there.

Great advice, get a sexy nightie from Vicky’s Secret. :wink:

Jim, in other countries, especially in Europe, sex talk had been more permissive, if you will, way back when. Nude beaches and such behavior were not that uncommon.

But that said, the whole issue with having all these types of discussion seems to be making a mockery of the entire synod IMO.

Maybe it’s a good thing it’s not in Latin. I don’t see it as something they would want to preserve.

Well, we have all been constantly talking about sex since 1960. I’m not sure that it has improved anything on a practical level except to desensitize everyone from an early age.

Look out, Joel, we’re on the war path - we’ll pull half your congregation and their pocketbooks by 2016!


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