Australian Headmistress Accused of Molesting 70 Girls Freed — Ruled Unfit for Trial


An Israeli court has ruled that a former Australian school principal accused of more than 70 counts of sexual assault was mentally unfit to face extradition and could be freed from house arrest, officials said on Friday.

Leifer, who has Israeli citizenship, is the former principal of the Adass Israel School, an ultra-orthodox Jewish girls’ school in Melbourne. She is wanted by police in the surrounding Australian state of Victoria on charges of indecent assault and rape involving girls at the school.

Thursday’s court decision angered former students who say they were abused by her and could raise diplomatic tensions between Australia and Israel.

None of the numerous separate 74 sexual crimes of this individual has been reported by NBC, CBS, or CNN Breaking News.

There is a small, identical blurb of five sentences from the Associated Press with no reporter byline on the ABC and Fox News websites, and with no photo of the alleged perp:

Israel Court Frees Wanted Australian Woman From House Arrest

An Israeli court has set free from house arrest an Australian woman wanted by her country for multiple sexual abuses.

Tuesday’s ruling says former principal Malka Leifer is mentally unfit to stand trial. She’ll get psychiatric care instead.

Leifer, who ran a school for ultra-Orthodox Jewish girls in Melbourne, fled to Israel in 2008. Australia accuses her of abusing the children in her care and has sought her extradition.


I haven’t read the full story yet, but it seems awful.

This story’s been reported on by CBS, ABC (numerous times, with reporter bylines…including an extensive feature story), BBC, The Guardian, Daily Mail, Herald News, Daily Beast, etc…



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