Australian passports to now come with 3 gender options: male, female and indeterminate

CANBERRA, Australia - Australian passports will now have three gender options — male, female and indeterminate — under new guidelines to remove discrimination against transgender people, the government said Thursday.
Transgender people and those of ambiguous sex will now be able to list their gender on passports with an ‘X’ if their choice is supported by a doctor’s statement.
Previously, gender was a choice of only male or female, and people were not allowed to change their gender on their passport without having had a sex-change operation.


How sexist. What if you are/were/may be both?

It is unclear to me what the point is of gathering gender information at all if one can choose to be anything one desires or nothing in particular. Gender is an identifier, as are weight, height, hair color, etc. Let’s pretend all short people are tall, and all hefty people are skinny as rails. Then everyone will be happy and no one will feel the harsh discrimination of being mugged by inconvenient reality.:shrug:

I thought Australia was too proudly rugged to be PC. Wrong again.:blush:

Nope, our country is fast going done the plughole. But what can you expect. Our prime minister is a never-married atheist, ex-communist party member living in a defacto relationship and she leads a left wing socialist minority Government who only got into power with the support of a loony greens party led by an openly homosexual. Since they have been in power their highest priorities have been same sex marriage, Euthanasia and a carbon tax!!! :mad:

This is just the latest in a long list of madness that has enveloped this country. :shrug::frowning:

Dunno about the transgender part, but is there really anything wrong in your sex being recorded as indeterminate if it is? And yes, there are people (not sure what their proportion is in the general population) whose sex is not clear at birth. I’m well aware of all the agendas related to gender issues, but I also think it’s right to acknowledge whatever grey areas actually do exist.

There is no such thing as indeterminate sex (gender is a term of linguistic use, not for the reproductive characteristics of a living thing). If they aren’t sure whether they are male or female, get a simple DNA test. XX means your female, XY means your male.

The rate of hermaphroditism is incredibly low. Too low to justify creating a new class of identity.

And everyone is either genetically male or female. There is no “in between”. Do people realize the problem with public embracement of sexual dysphoria? Like “Chaz” Bono, who lists herself as a man. Not a great example, since she is so public, but lets say she was not. She commits a crime while masquerading as a surgically mutilated man. A witness sees “him”, and the police find DNA evidence at the scene. The DNA evidence reveals the crime was committed by a woman. The eye witness claims the crime was committed by a man. What do the police do now? HIPPA won’t allow the police to search through records to find “gender reassignment surgery”, so the police will never be able to figure out that our male suspect is really a female, or vice versa.

People with sexual dysphoria have a mental illness, not a physical one. To applaud and celebrate someone who has a surgeon mutilate them so they can be “normal” is not something that we as Catholic should be embracing.



“Indeterminate gender” is like “almost pregnant”. There ain’t no such animal.

We’re sorta married. (tell that to your spouse :D)

As an American with no ties to Australia, I don’t think it my business to tell Australians what sort of passports they ought to issue to their citizens, just as they have no business telling us what ours should be like. :frowning:

My comment was sarcastic but it is true regarding the thinking behind these classifications. If you’re going to call things indeterminate (as crafted by leading scientists and professionals), you should also include things that have been determined (by leading scientists and professionals).

The thinking behind adding “indeterminate” is that only male and female choices was discriminatory or “harmful”. Since they wish to go down this road of “not judging”, I am pointing out that adding “indeterminate” is also discriminatory and harms the self esteem of those who consider their sex defined along the progressive lines of a spectrum. I think the choices should be male, female, and confused.




X only:

And these occur so frequently that we need to create 4 new classes for them on passports?

XXY and XYY people are still genetically considered male, XXX and X females are still genetically considered female.

In each of the examples listed above, the people with these abnormalities are still identified as “male” or “female”.

As a human being with common sense, I have the business to voice my opinion, which is that this is a very slippery slope. As a Catholic, I am concerned about how this is another step toward blurring the differences between men and women which are significant. The more you blur the lines, the easier it is to allow things like gay “marriage”, remove the need for husbands and just use sperm donors, remove the need for wives and just use a surrogate. There becomes no male and female (as God made them), but just “people”.

As citizens of the human race we ALL have the business of speaking out about something that has the potential of harming us all. Once one country institutes something like this, there is nothing to stop others from jumping on board.

Don’t just give up your God given free will to judge a situation - the ability to judge is one of the things that separates us from the animals.


I would agree with you if I thought the majority of Australians agreed with this nonsense. The majority of Australians are basically good, fair & reasonable people and I’m positive most think this type of legislation is pedantic, unnecessary, “politically correct” rubbish. Unfortunately we are governed by a minority left wing loony party, and the balance of power is held by an even smaller minority of even more left wing, even more loony politicians. It is these loonies that are forcing this sort of ridiculous legislation on us and fast making us the laughing stock of the world. The next election can not come soon enough, and make no mistake, these clowns will be voted out and (hopefully) replaced with some common sense.

At the moment we can only hope our rugby team does okay at the world cup. :thumbsup:

Perhaps because of the negative feelings many people have about classifying gender as “other.”

That is because all mammals, there is no such thing as “Other”. Male and Female He created them.

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