Australian Politics, leadership Spill Result: Scott Morrison is now Prime Minister


For the Expats

at the moment a letter is circulating requesting a meeting tonight.
it is rumoured the meeting will be held in the morning

The second meeting in less then 72 hours.


Breaking news, no meeting tonight, probably in the morning…
everyone will be madly shoring up support for the rest of the night on the phones.

Peter Dutton vs Malcolm Turnbull.


That’s the difference between the US and Australian politics…in Australia the leader (Prime Minister) is not elected by the people but by the party that gets elected…if he doesn’t perform then he can be replaced by another party member…here in the US the President is elected by the people…( or the electoral college)…not so easy to replace if he doesn’t perform to expectation


Here is an Australian posting site of possible interest:


Monte thats a personal opinion blog, it means nothing factually.

Peebo its interesting to note we do vote in our PM at the election. The candidate is stood, people vote, .
Its also interesting to note one of the reasons the republican vote was rejected ( it was authored in part by Malcolm trundle) was we did not want an American system of republicanism, where the party could pick our leader after we voted for the party we wanted.

on a side note, this really isn’t about performance expectations or KPIs.
its about power and ego and people not getting what they wanted so best thing to do is spill some blood,


Jo Nova carries news and science.


its a blog,
“jo appreciates your support to help her keep doing what she does. This blog is funded by donations. Thanks!”

she is also the author of the skeptics handbook.



[10 c]


from a real news article and a big OOPS!

The handbook explains how to argue that climate-change is not human-made. thats its purpose.

"Prominent businessman and donor to the Australian Liberal Party, Roger Massy-Greene, accidentally emailed hundreds of politicians and elites a 16-page handbook explaining how skeptics can successfully argue against the idea that human activity is causing climate change, Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported Monday.

The premier of the state of New South Wales, Mike Baird and the Australian prime minister’s spouse and former Lord Mayor of Sydney, Lucy Turnbull, were among those emailed the handbook according to ABC.

Massy-Greene is the current head of Endeavour Energy and Ausgrid, two electricity companies owned by the state government of New South Wales. He is also the former chairman of a New South Wales state body for the energy sector, Networks NSW.

In the emails Massy-Greene said of the handbook, “This short piece on global warming by science writer (and scientist) Jo Nova is the best piece I have seen on global warming, and helps to explain what so far has been a very confusing debate.”

Australian climate-change scientist, Professor Tim Flannery, who won the Australian of the Year award for environmental research, slammed Massy-Greene’s actions.
“I’m astonished that anyone in any sort of position of responsibility could take it the slightest bit seriously … This should be a call to arms to be asking all chairmen and business people where they stand on climate change,” he told ABC.

Massy-Greene’s views are at odds with organizations that he leads. Ausgrid has contributed around AUD$150 million to the state government’s climate-change fund.

In 2013, Massy-Greene made news when his then company, Eureka Capital Partners, reportedly donated AUD$10,000 to now-premier Mike Baird’s political campaign, in what many called a conflict of interests

can you say graft and corruption!


We should listen to tim Flannery, He is an extremely learned and well educated man who has held chairs in several very prestigious universities both here and overseas.


It looks like Scott Morrison will run for leadership.

Parliament is a mess today. Bill Shorten is claiming we don’t have a functioning government anymore. and that Australians don’t have any confidence in parliament anymore.
thats pretty true.
if this succeeds it will be 7 pms in 10 years or so


and now parliament is adjourned till 10 september.

so what does this mean. It means there is no problem with parliament being in the way.
so liberals can push on with the agenda for their meeting to usurp malcom turnbull. it gives them all more time to work the numbers to get support for scott morrison.

will malcom turnbull be back? will he resign? if he does, this will force an election.


Julie Bishop now also put her hand up.


I’m not sure if I’m reading this right…actually here in the US the Presidential candidate is nominated before the election…so people vote for either the Republican or Democrat candidate…in Australia the PM is not voted in directly by the people…he/she is nominated by the party…people vote for the candidate in their electorate…for example…if the leader of a party was defeated in his/her own electorate then he/she would no longer be leader if that party won that election because they would no longer be in parliament


But…yes…the President doesn’t win by the popular vote here in the US but by the number of votes in the Electoral College…I guess that is the system that Australians didn’t want when the Republican vote was put before them


we directly vote for who we want as prime minister at our elections. So for example we had malcolm turnball vs bill shorten at our last election for the two major parties.
we know who we are voting for.
we do vote for our local candidates and give preferences, knowing where we want our preferences to go. So if I want turnbull in , I vote with all my prefs going to him.

its pretty simple.
we did not want the american type republic, because we thought we would not be able to vote in who we wanted. Australians were told rightly or wrongly, in the republic campaign, we would not be able to choose our leader.

right now , the liberal party ( liberal meaning the opposite of what it means in the states) is imploding. political commentators are saying it will implode past this
And after 6 previous coups, aussies are really sick of this and will be quite a voice if the outcome is not of our liking.
Especially in the face of the drought.





we directly vote for who we want as prime minister at our elections. So for example we had malcolm turnball vs bill shorten at our last election for the two major parties.
we know who we are voting for.
That is not exactly true…


ok peebo have you ever voted in an election here?


for about 35 years…yes…I haven’t lived in Australia for about 2 decades so maybe things have changed


i will give you the grass roots of what happens when a voter votes, and its illegal not to vote here, so we all do it.

firstly, the parties pick the person they think is the best candidate to win. To be PM
a bit like trump was put forward and elected as the primary running candidate.

right so we get the best PM candidate for each party. (well they think they are putting forward the best candidate) and those candidates then start to campaign.
and in each respective seat, their minions campaign too.
we all know if we vote for labour we are voting for the PM candidate labour has put forward. And that will decide how we vote in a major sense.

In the minor sense, we might shuffle our tick the entire 52 boxes of candidates to protest about one person, or to give preferences to the party we want in.

but I can assure you, and it was like this in 40 years ago, we are voting for the candidate that is campaigning as hey pick me, I will be a bonza PM!

a bit like trump, hey pick me I will be a bonza president.

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