Australian Priest Excommunicated Over Teaching (promoted gay marriage, women priests)

Well, it is sad that someone has led others and himself astray so much that the Holy Father had to resort to the most drastic canonical penalty possible in the hopes of bringing him back to the fold. It is the sadness, I suppose, that one sees when the patient is so sick the doctor must use heroic measures to stop him from dying. All the while, the patient not only denies he is mortally ill, he tries to stab the doctor trying to save his life.

This saddens me so much. Seeing people that should have known the truth of Christ, deny it and make a mockery of it and put themselves and their personal wishes and desires above God’s/ :frowning:

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Indeed. That is an upsetting concept regarding the Eucharist.

Best I can do.



Not that this makes it any BETTER, but almost the entirety of that Mass was supposedly to have been done by women, so I’m assuming that it wasn’t consecrated into the actual flesh and blood of our Lord, thankfully. But the fact that he let that happen is insane (though so are his positions on female ordination and SS’M’ as a priest).

This sends a signal to the world that Pope Francis is not the wishy-washy soft and cuddly progressive the media portrayed him as when he became Pope. It also puts his comments about the Church’s rules from the recent “Big Interview” (Fr. Z.'s term for it) in perspective. Good. :slight_smile:

He excommunicated himself! God Bless, Memaw

The Los Angeles Times, for example, had bad things to say about the papacy of Blessed Pope John Paul II. Apparently, he did things they didn’t like. It’s like the media thinks they, not the Church, is in charge.

Oh, the media is spinning alright. Pope Francis is a thorn in their side.


Why do you say that?

“If your hand betrays you, cut it off.” Ah, so that is why it is called Axe of the Apostles.

They can’t pin him down without outright lying or misdirection. He’s so alien to the whole bifurcated American concept of the politicial that it’s aggravating to American tastemakers, right and left.

I say let them squirm a bit. Perhaps it may lead to their conversion.

I’m wondering about something. This ex-priest was hardly the only one to promote such ideas. So why him? So may others deserve the same. Did he go further than others in his mockery of the faith? I don’t know enough about this case, so maybe someone can shed some light on the details.

I wonder if the pope will continue with excommunicating other heretics. I personally hope so, even if that means a loss of many priests.

"A dissident Catholic priest who broke from the Archdiocese of Melbourne, Australia to found a new “inclusive” congregation has been excommunicated.

Greg Reynolds, who had announced in 2011 that he was “resigning” as a Catholic priest, was also laicized.

Melbourne’s Archbishop Denis Hart said that Reynolds—a supporter of same-sex marriage and of women’s ordination-- was excommunicated because he continued to engage in ministry after his priestly faculties were suspended. The excommunication apparently was imposed by the Vatican rather than the Melbourne archdiocese. "

If you continue to engage in ministry, as he is doing, and evidently creating his own congregation, that would be serious and why such a serious penalty.

Many of them excommunicate themselves. ( and maybe don’t have sense enough to know it!) God Bless, Memaw

I see. Thanks for the clarification.

I hope the pope carries on with this work. The church so desperately needs it.

Yes - he openly celebrated Mass in distinct defiance of any semblance of rubrics, he defied his ecclesiastical superiors who suspended him, and he openly committed sacrilege by giving the Body and Blood of Christ to a dog.

I have read many opinion regarding automatic excommunication but some need it in writing. I think it will help the faithful not to be further scandalized too.

Ido not know all the facts so I can not speak to the issue. I do, however, feel sad that so many posts seem to rejoice the excommunication. Are the faithful and righteous believe supposed to revel in the excommunication of this priest? It appears some of the righteous would love this for anyone who disagrees with any aspect of Catholic teaching and do not wish the church to entertain any dialogue/discussion on issues just as this site allows us to do.

Like I said, I do not know about this priest’s story but feel dsmayed at the cold, chilly and unfeeling display of glee over the excommunication.

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