Australian Prime Minister Backs Poverty Bible

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has expressed his support for a Bible that highlights verses dealing specifically with poverty. He said the Poverty and Justice Bible was an “extraordinary” work that drew attention to “the challenge facing us all”.

Mr Rudd was speaking at the Australian launch of the Bible at Parliament House in Canberra. Opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull was also present.

The Poverty and Justice Bible was developed by the UK Bible Society in a bid to show that the Bible is relevant to everyone and was published to the praise of church leaders and politicians last year. The Bible highlights in orange more than 2,000 verses on nearly every page from Genesis to Revelation that speak of God’s attitude to poverty and justice. It also includes a study guide suggesting ways in which individuals can get involved in tackling poverty and injustice.

Bible Society’s Chief Executive, James Catford said: “When we dreamt up the idea we never imagined that it would get picked up around the world. “Gordon Brown got to have a copy when I visited Downing Street earlier this year. Now the Australian Prime Minister has spoken at its launch. “People who work for the aid charities are really interested in it. On the issues of poverty and justice God got there first!”

This sounds like a useful version for those who feel called to make addressing poverty and justice issues a special priority in their life.

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