Australian Prime Minister tells Muslims to take it or leave it

This is a old post. He hasn’t been prime minister for years. Our current prime minister is an atheist. But she isn’t very popular at the moment though. Not because of her lack of faith. I don’t think she will be the PM after the next election. I think the liberals will get in. Their leader Tony Abbott who is nicked named the “mad monk”. Is a former Catholic seminarian. Who has strong Catholic views.
On matters of abortion, gay marriage etc. He stands firm to his faith, to much ridicule from the press. A lot of Australians even the ones who don’t agree with him or will vote against him admire this. But it does cost him in the polls.

It’s an internet myth. It was first attributed to Prime then Minister John Howard in 2005, and has since been attributed to Prime Ministers Kevin Rudd (this version), and Julia Gillard.

The myth was intended for an American audience. Few Australians would fall for it. Our politicians don’t speak any differently from others in the developed word.

I’d have to agree. The language doesn’t ring true. In addition a speech like this would have been big news, with all the reaction it would have received, and I can’t recall anything like it being on the headlines over the last few years.

And as noted, Rudd hasn’t been PM since 2010, although he is Christian (but doesn’t seem to know how to treat his staff like one), and the current PM Julia Gillard is a declared atheist.

Tony Abbott is a practising Catholic, extremely fit (quite a good boxer in his early years, and still competes in triathlons) and may become PM at the next election, but he’s got some rather right wing views which concern me.

Either way, I think events over the next few years are going to dictate to the politicians what they do, and not vice versa.

Right - not for any of our PM’s, but especially not for Kevin Rudd, who could never be accused of speaking undiplomatically. Well, not in on-the-record :rolleyes:

As for Tony Abbot. Yes, he has a lot going for him for Catholic voters, but he’s still a bit of a right wing extremist, and has doubtful credentials as a policy maker, rather than opposition leader.

A bit off topic; but great news for those who missed it, at least for us old-timers: Larry Pickering is back! And we can thank Julia Gillard:

I was sitting by the TV every night getting itchy fingers, looking at Julia and her mob, thinking: “Gee, this bird makes Whitlam look like Menzies.”.
The Right Honourable Robert J Brown MP Tas. wouldn`t like his cartoons, either. :smiley:

Bob Brown is a Senator, not an MP. MP only refers to members of the House of Representatives.

Great news indeed! :smiley: I grew up in Canberra when Pickering was still the cartoonist for the Canberra Times! I’d love to see what he can do with Julia Gillard and Bob Brown.

Thanks Julia! :hug3:

Nit picking?
He still makes his presence felt in Parliament House…unfortunately.

Due to some inappropriate content, it wasnt possible to provide links; but theres gold out there, going back to before the 1972 elections. Poke around; and youll be kept happy for days......or weeks.:) Hes merciless; but Heaven knows his victims deserve it, just as they did before. :shrug:

The series from back in 1975, showing E.G. Whitlam as a chook on top of the outhouse, is there, along with all of the others. :smiley:

I was a Moir fan myself. I’m not a Joh basher, but Moir did some classics way back then.

One of them has Joh, wearing his farmer’s hat and boots with spurs, with a straw sticking out of his mouth, saying to Llew Edwards, “We need a crisis!”

Edwards replies, “But we haven’t got a crisis!”

Joh straps on his gun-holster, and says, “Leave that to me!”

Then there was a book that came out with Moir cartoons and some captioned photographs.

One photograph showed Joh Bjelke-Petersen, the Premier, and William Knox, the then Liberal leader, walking across the tarmac from the government plane. Knox was on crutches, with his leg in plaster, having either broken it or after having surgery on it.

In the photograph, it looks like Joh is saying something to Knox out of the side of his mouth.

Some wag had captioned it, “If you do that again, I’ll break your other leg!”

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