Australian Rhino Project moving rhinoceros from Africa to protect against poaching


**The first of up to 80 rhinoceros are on track to come to Australia this year as part of a world-first plan to ensure their survival.

The Australian Rhino Project plans to relocate 80 rhino from South Africa to safari parks in Australia.

Project founder Ray Dearlove said it was a biological insurance policy.**

The article continues at the link.


Sad, that human beings are towed out to sea from there, but wild animals are flown in at enormous cost.

I understand the reasoning behind both but it is still grievous.



Yeah, definitely, but the guy in the article, Ray Dearlove, is saving an entire species. I know what you mean, though.

It seems to me he’s doing God’s work, and the humanitarian crisis is separate from him. He’s just one man, after all. I don’t know.:shrug:


This is a worthwhile project!


I’m glad they’re doing it, too.


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