Australian sports stars urged to boycott anthem in AFL and NRL finals


Australian sports stars are being urged not to stand for the national anthem during this weekend’s major rugby league and Aussie Rules finals, as a protest against racism.

The campaign was started by pop culture website Junkee, which called it a show of support for Indigenous Australians.

Paul Gorrie, an Indigenous Australian activist involved in the Junkee campaign, said Kaepernick’s protest made him think “why shouldn’t we do that here?”

He said the Australian anthem, Advance Australia Fair, “was written in 1878 when land was still being stolen and black people were still being massacred”.

It and the recent deaths of Indigenous Australians in police custody were “the impacts of our colonial history and the racism that continues to this day”, he said.

“This is a call to action for ALL players to show solidarity by not singing and taking a kneel during the national anthem this weekend at the NRL and AFL grand finals.”


lol, I just laugh.

It’s pretty stupid really, if anything they should be singing ‘Advance Australia Fair’ all the louder and enthusiastically if they are upset with an injustice of some sort.

I can’t believe that nonsense from BLM in the US has come here.

I had a laugh about it this afternoon too, especially the US one, doesn’t it say somewhere in your anthem ‘Justice and liberty for all’? or something like that? I didn’t know they were against justice and liberty, not to mention the President of the US is black himself.

I watched a bit of the game tonight, they all sang the national anthem as far as I could tell.

I hope this has helped

God Bless You

Thank you for reading


“Liberty and justice for all” is the last line of the U.S. Pledge of Allegiance.


I still want to sing our National Anthem like this though -

Now that’s a protest id be part of. :smiley:


I have forgotten, but what’s your national anthem called again? (So I can look up the lyrics)

God Bless You

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The Star Spangled Banner.

Wikipedia has the complete lyrics.


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