Australian top 10 religions.

Well it’s not surprising to see “Hindu” as number one in growth since they are few people, but I’m happy to see Christianity (all denominations) is number one in total among all religions. :slight_smile:


Me too.

For some odd reason, it makes me think of a Vortex episode regarding the Maronites. :slight_smile:

As the “top 40 radio” DJs use to say “Number One on the Charts, Number One in your Hearts!”:smiley:

There is a more extensive list on Wikipedia:smiley:

Yes I am proud of my home country that is still Catholic.
The only reason others are growing like hindu, muslim etc is cause of imegration.
But hey, eventually they will be Catholic as well.
There is a very good Catholic out reach in Australia, I know, i was part of it till i moved overseas. I will return to it eventually and help them once again soon!

Don’t hold your breath. :rolleyes:


Immigration continues.

Catholics are declining as a percent of the population.

The numbers are troubling for the Catholic church in Aussieland.

What is the “Uniting Church”? I’ve never heard of that one.

I would think that Islam and/or Hinduism would spread faster than Christianity, since I would suspect that most of the non-religious are former Christians given Australia’s history. Islam, Hinduism and others are really "cool"among ex-Christians. Christianity, by comparison…

No matter. I still think Australia seems like a good place to be Christian, in comparison to other countries with a higher percentage of non-religious people or aggressive atheism campaigns like there are in the UK and the USA. Plus, Australia is the home of my favorite bishop, HG Bishop Suriel of Melbourne, so they’ve got that going for them. :wink:

I was thinking Unitarian, I could well be wrong through.

The Uniting Church in Australia is a mainline Protestant church created in 1977 from the merger of the Methodist Church of Australasia, the Presbyterian Church of Australia and the Congregational Union of Australia. It’s formation, like other “unting churches,” was motivated by ecumenism.

There are other “uniting churches” in other countries, which you can find by reading about United and uniting churches at Wikipedia. In the United States there is the United Church of Christ, which resulted from a merger of the Evangelical and Reformed Church and the Congregational Christian Churches. In Canada, there is the United Church of Canada, which resulted from a merger of that country’s Methodist, Congregationalist, and Presbyterian churches.

The oldest “uniting churches” are those member churches in the Evangelical Church in Germany that originate from the Prussian Union of Lutheran and Reformed churches.


“cool” or because it allows them to divorce!
The few conversion stories I see on TV are for those who want to divorce their partner…

5, 439, 267 are Catholic and almost 13 million are not. I’m not sure that this could be called a Catholic country.

Maybe those 5M Catholics are enough in the eyes of GOD to be called Catholic Country…

(Genesis 18:26): "The Lord said, “If I find fifty righteous people in the city of Sodom, I will spare the whole place for their sake.**”

That’s a big “maybe.” Or maybe if you could spare 6 minutes to hear this letter from GOD, you would change your mind…

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