Australia's top court overturns law allowing same-sex marriage in capital territory [CC]


Australia's highest court has struck down a new law that allowed for same-sex marriage in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). The court ruled that the new law, adopted by local ACT ...




I heard the vote was close, and I hope they can hold up this momentum in the future, not cave in.


Praise and thanks be to God! Its about time there was another victory against "gay marriage"!


I'm not overly hopeful. What they'll try to do now is to change federal law. I tend to be a labor sympathiser in the economic sense, but the conservatives who now rule the roost will probably reject gay marriage changes. I don't know what will happen if Labor get back into power, or if the Greens get more seats in future elections.

On the other hand a lot can happen in a few years - economic failings, war, a change in military partnerships. Crises have a way of putting these things on the backburner.


Will never happen here.


[quote="Personanongrata, post:5, topic:347935"]
Will never happen here.


As the Janaury cover of TIME said

40 years ago, abortion-rights activists won an epic victory with Roe v. Wade
They've been losing ever since

In 2013 abortion is legal in every state in America, but it remains a divisive, controversial and emotional issue. There have been hundreds of abortion restriction laws passed and the future legality of abortion is in question. The same type of reversal could be seen with homosexual marriage as Cardinal Dolan similarly put on the Meet the press


With all due respect to Cardinal Dolan, he had to say what he said. It's wishful and positive thinking on his part. But what happened in Australia is never going to happen here. No amount of wishful thinking is going to change that.


As the former PM Julia Gillard pointed out, there is no need to change Australia’s Marriage Laws when Australia’s De Facto Marriage laws legalize not only same-sex but multiple partners. De Facto spouses have all the same legal rights and obligations as those who make vows before an authorized celebrant.

  1. A person is in a de facto relationship with another person if:
                 (a)  the persons are not legally married to each other; and
                 (b)  the persons are not related by family (see subsection (6)); and
                 (c)  having regard to all the circumstances of their relationship, they have a relationship as a couple living together on a genuine domestic basis. 

(5) For the purposes of this Act:

                 (a)  a de facto relationship can exist between 2 persons of different sexes and between 2 persons of the same sex; and
                 (b)  a de facto relationship can exist even if one of the persons is legally married to someone else or in another de facto relationship. 


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