Austria presidential poll result overturned


Austria’s highest court has annulled the result of the presidential election narrowly lost by the candidate of the far-right Freedom Party.

The party had challenged the result, saying that postal votes had been illegally and improperly


Interesting. I am glad they acknowledged the illegal voting and are allowing a revote. I am not sure that would happen here in the U.S. sad to say.


Note the BBC bias: the Freedom Party is repeatedly described as “far-right,” but the Green Party and their leader are never so characterized.


I hope that the Freedom Party is able to win this time. They are like an Austrian version of the Tea Party.


Is pan-Germanism an integral part of the Tea Party voting platform? I presume members of the Tea Party or the Republican party in the USA would not generally be looked upon favourably ff they received hefty donations from Saddam Hussein or Gadaffi as members of the Freedom Party have in past years.


The Tea Party is not even German. The Tea Party and the Freedom Party share the ideals of good old American-style freedom in common.


Are you familiar with the Freedom Party Joseph? Look up Jorg Haider.


I looked them up on Wikipedia. They seem like they have the spirit of the American Founding Fathers.


Cheating on elections is not going to bode well for Europe’s status quo.
Rotherdam and jihad rape might finally have Europeans being more indignant over the bureaucrats selling out the welfare of their children than they are afraid of the far right.


So the spirit of the American founding fathers includes anti-semitic outbursts and slurs? I would have said otherwise my self.


Rotherham sir, Rotherham.


No, it does not. But a lot of Americans do not understand that in European Parliamentary systems there is the tendency of the far-right to have ties with shady racist characters because the barriers are less than they are in America.

Of course, since the First World lefts new SOP is call everything that doesn’t agree with it racccisssstttt, so not everyone is going to take the time (or has the time) to parse out the difference, especially with the sloppy, biased reporting of various mainstream news agencies.


Look up Jorg Haider who was one of the previous leaders of this party as Joseph did, while there is indeed a kneejerk rush to call everyone racist or bigoted in Haider’s case there is I feel weight to the accusation.


It is nonsense at any rate to associate Brexit with racism, as if Brexit had anything to do with racism, or that voting to exit the EU is an expression of racism.

If NAFTA were to begin to assume the control over the American economy that EU now does over Britain, Americans would hardly be Canadianophobic to opt our of that kind of arrangement.

Brexit support came from across the board Racists do not define the movement, nor do even conservatives for that matter.

It is the paucity of the arguments of the status quo against many of the problems that immigration has brought into Europe that has led to people actually giving the far right an ear, because they are the only ones willing to talk about these concerns.

But those concerns will exist whether or not Britian exits the EU.

The status quo brought the rise of the far right in Europe onto themselves, by placing an unending supply of cheap labor over and above the concerns of European citizens who are having to deal with some pretty unsavory behavior that they believe they never would have signed on for, if anyone took the time to ask them.


Britain sir, Britain.


The Founding Fathers were not anti-Semitic. The Freedom Party is not the Nazi Party. They are right-wing libertarians like the Founding Fathers.


They are Austrian, they are operating under a totally different paradigm and history than the US and attempting to make one fit the other in this manner will not work. At best you might establish parallels between movements that were similar but Freedom Party are not ‘right-wing libertarians like the founding fathers’ and I’d debate whether that judgement could be said to be true of your Founding fathers generally in any case, it seems rather like wishful thinking and retroactively rewriting history.


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